Red Dead Online Players Calls Out Rockstar for Lack of Content

Rockstar Games announcing a disappointing 2022 content plan for Red Dead Online has lad fans to call for support on social media.

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Red Dead Online Players Calls Out Rockstar for Lack of Content

Over two years ago, developer/publisher Rockstar Games released Red Dead Online, an online multiplayer mode for 2018 action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2, which could have been a successor to Grand Theft Auto Online.

Despite having a somewhat strong player-community, Red Dead Online always received pretty less attention from Rockstar compared to GTA Online and fans have recently taken Twitter to get #SaveRedDeadOnline hashtag on trending.

Red Dead Online originally debuted as an add-on for Red Dead Redemption 2 and it eventually became a standalone product. Rockstar Games took a long hiatus after releasing Blood Money update and nothing new came out afterwards.

For a nine-year-old game, GTA Online gets a lot of content updates and support in contrast to Red Dead Online. At this point, Rockstar is only interested in gaining new players but won't be delivering anything significant to existing ones.

Red Dead Online players are seemingly very annoyed for lack of content and started an online campaign to get support. Rather than adding something meaningful, Rockstar only focuses on in-game cash bonus and few experience points.

Rockstar has announced to introduce new content for RDO lately that would simply offer you rewards for a number of existing activities. Other than a bunch of quality of life changes, there is actually nothing exciting or new for anyone.

Red Dead Online community and Rockstar fans are raising voice on Twitter regarding current state of RDO.

RDO players are frustrated with how Rockstar is handling online experience since release and started hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline. Given their history of lackluster contents, many believe Rockstar is abandoning Red Dead Online soon.

#SaveRedDeadOnline hashtag has been trending on social media for days and RDO players are pointing out how worthless it is to earn gold and XP as there's nothing in-game worth spending on now and some bug fixes are needed as well.

Red Dead Online is quite similar to GTA Online, allowing players to create unique character to engage and interact with other people. You can join in groups for activities like deathmatches, get into PvP action, race or complete missions.

Rockstar Games received an immense backlash for messy launch of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Definitive Edition earlier and current uproar about Red Dead Online can bring trouble for them as people are getting fed up with their attitude.
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