Donkey Kong Trademark Filing by Nintendo Hints at New Game

A newly filed trademark by Nintendo sparked a rumor among fans for announcement of new Donkey Kong game for Switch.

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Donkey Kong Trademark Filing by Nintendo Hints at New Game

For nearly a decade now, developer/publisher Nintendo didn't release a new Donkey Kong title since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Deep Freeze for Wii U in 2014 before he showed up once more in Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars.

Almost a year ago, an alleged insider claimed that a 2D Donkey Kong game was in development for Nintendo Switch. After trademark filing by Nintendo has been spotted online lately, rumors of a new Donkey Kong series entry resurfaced.

Nintendo recently updated Donkey Kong franchise trademark but rather than updating of their intellectual property, a brand "new" trademark was filed that clearly mentions "downloadable programs for portable and electronic console".

It led many fans to wonder whether Nintendo is getting ready to announce a new Donkey Kong game for Switch soon. This could also be that franchise publisher is simply planning for future of Donkey Kong series like their other properties.

Twitter user Kremling Kampaigner has shared screenshots of new Donkey Kong trademark filing by Nintendo.

Despite fan-anticipation, Nintendo literally did nothing to celebrate 40th anniversary of Donkey Kong last year. Nevertheless, old-school series fans were eagerly waiting for an announcement regarding a new DK game for Nintendo Switch.

Donkey Kong trademark renewal could simply be a legal formality for Nintendo but it may be a sign for titular banana-loving ape to return. Last year's rumored 2D Donkey Kong game is likely been delayed and may get announced shortly.
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