EA Motive Studio's Iron Man Game Revealed

In a recent announcement, EA Motive Studio and Marvel Games officially revealed an all-new single-player Iron Man game.

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EA Motive Studio's Iron Man Game Revealed

According to an early insider report, video game publisher Electronic Arts was making a single-player, open-world Black Panther game, which is early in development and rumoredly helmed by former studio head of Monolith Productions.

Earlier this month, industry insider Jeff Grubb also mentioned that an Iron Man game is also in works at EA and will be revealed soon. Today, EA officially announces working on a new single- player Iron Man game alongside Marvel Games.

Electronic Arts-owned Motive Studio is currently developing single-player, third-person, action-adventure Iron Man game, which is led by executive producer Olivier Proulx and already in pre- production phase to be launched in near future.

Proulx has previously worked on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and will be joined by a team of industry veterans at Motive. Their upcoming Iron Man game will adopt an original narrative based on Marvel legacy of billionaire Tony Stark.

Marvel Games creative director and vice president Bill Rosemann expresses his excitement in a latest official press release. EA Motive Studio plans to let players experience how it is to be like Iron Man as they try to bring their original vision.

Iron Man video game will be a love letter to a beloved Marvel hero with thrilling gameplay and Motive Studio's passion for armored Avenger. EA is also working on several other new Marvel project, possibly including a Black Panther game.
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