Xbox Plans to Keep Call of Duty on PlayStation for Years Beyond Existing Deal

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer commits to make Call of Duty available on PlayStation several more years after ongoing deal expires.

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Xbox Plans to Keep Call of Duty on PlayStation for Years Beyond Existing Deal

An early report by Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier revealed that Activision/Blizzard already signed an agreement to launch next three Call of Duty games on PlayStation consoles, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.

Rival platform owner/publisher Sony previously claimed that owning Call of Duty may influence users' console choice. However, Microsoft commits to make it available on PlayStation for a few more years even after their existing deal expires.

During a newest interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer assures that Microsoft is committed to make Call of Duty series available on PlayStation consoles for several more years after Sony's ongoing marketing deal with Activision/Blizzard wraps up.

Ever since a proposed buyout of Activision/Blizzard became public, Microsoft clarified their plan for future of Call of Duty franchise and apparently, the company has no intention of making fan- favorite shooter series exclusive to Xbox console.

Microsoft reportedly signed agreement to Sony in January, promising to release Call of Duty on PlayStation with features and content parity. It extends beyond at least several more years than recent agreement, atypical to industry standards.

Activision/Blizzard proposed acquisition by Microsoft is currently being examined by regulators worldwide for potential anti-trust concerns. UK Competition and Markets Authority states their inquiry regarding this merger may get expanded.

Spencer did mention that Call of Duty games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass service but may not arrive for its rival PlayStation Plus. This could be Microsoft's attempt to expand XGP beyond hardware and through various gaming platforms.

Xbox and Activision/Blizzard currently have until later this week to submit proposals addressing concerns of anti-competitive practice. If authorities don't receive appropriate pitch in due time, there could be further investigation ran by CMA.
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