Silent Hill: The Short Message Game Rated in South Korea

A leaked rating on Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea reveals listing for a new, unannounced Silent Hill game.

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Silent Hill: The Short Message Game Rated in South Korea

Despite many rumors of Japanese developer/publisher Konami secretly developing a new Silent Hill game and maybe a few remakes, there has been no official confirmation yet but concept art of a 2020 game was leaked by an insider earlier.

A listed rating for an unannounced Silent Hill game has recently been spotted at official website of South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee years after multiple reports, likely indicating to an upcoming announcement soon.

A new listing for "Silent Hill: The Short Message" has recently been rated in South Korea with no platforms mentioned just yet. Rather than being a full game, it could be a playable teaser demo like P.T., according to a number of early rumors.

South Korea-based gaming company UNIANA is listed as publisher, who often publishes Konami games in South Korea. Newly listed Silent Hill title could possibly be one of multiple SH projects that are reportedly in works at different studios.

Twitter user @Nibellion shared a screenshot of new Silent Hill game listing from rating board of South Korea.

After more than a year of insider claims, Konami is apparently bringing back their classic horror franchise. With ongoing fall season and Halloween coming soon, Konami is probably attempting to create a proper vibe for new Silent Hill reveal.

Silent Hill 2 Remake is one of these rumored projects actively in development, which got leaked earlier and reportedly includes new endings. An episodic Silent Hill short stories series was also in works but not much detail is revealed to date.

A leaked image on ResetEra forums show options for in-game messaging but it may be linked to a second or third Silent Hill game in works. When a trusted insider posted multiple concept arts online, they were removed via a copyright claim.

Silent Hill: The Short Message could be related to another project that has a messaging feature, could be related to "Short Message" rating. Hideo Kojima's scrapped Silent Hills project also had plans to send its players real-life text messages.
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