New Silent Hill (2020) Concept Art Reportedly Leaked by Industry Insider

Alleged images of a new Silent Hill game shared by known leaker AestheticGamer gets taken down with DMCA claims by Konami.

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New Silent Hill (2020) Concept Art Reportedly Leaked by Industry Insider

Nearing end of last year, a report claimed that Sony Interactive Entertainment funding a brand-new Silent Hill game to be developed by Kojima Productions as a possible PlayStation-exclusive, in association with Japanese publisher Konami.

There have been various rumors regarding a new entry in long-running survival horror franchise since P.T. by Hideo Kojima was cancelled. More recently, an insider posted a few images online that allegedly belongs to a new Silent Hill game.

Reputable industry insider AestheticGamer AKA Dusk Golem has shared a number of images of an upcoming Silent Hill game. These reportedly leaked artworks were acquired by a new source with enough evidence to prove their legitimacy.

Shortly after posting, AestheticGamer was locked out of their Twitter account and images were removed by a DMCA copyright claim. Dusk Golem later confirms on ResetEra that it really came from Konami and thus, adding further credibility.

One of these images is dated to October 20, 2020 and apparently signed by artist Masahiro Ito, who worked on original Silent Hill trilogy. It shows a corridor covered with notes on its wall and a person standing at the end of it under red light.

A graffiti on the wall says "he's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy", which is a reference to The Life of Brian by Monty Python. Another image is a face of a teenage girl that is peeled in places, revealing many messages under her skin.

Twitter user Pastor Xbox shares a screenshot of original images by AestheticGamer before they got removed.

A message note on her forehead says "I hate myself" and another one has "minger" written on it under her left eye. Above mentioned graffiti and these notes strongly suggests toward a new Silent Hill game, with a little bit British influence.

AestheticGamer admits to have a lot more to share than these images as they mentions names like "Anita & Maya" and "SMS Messages" for further reference while claiming that this one isn't the only Silent Hill title currently in development.

There is a chance that ongoing project may look a bit different now since these images are from 2020. AestheticGamer already checked for necessary proofs to see whether this leak is real and Konami made it more obvious with DMCA claims.

Konami was denying Silent Hill rumors for long but recently they signed a strategic co-operation deal with Polish developer Bloober Team. Meanwhile, fans are excited for an official reveal and can't wait for a much-anticipated return of series.
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