Santa Monica Studio May Be Teasing New Game After God of War: Ragnarök

God of War series developer Santa Monica Studio is working on several projects following God of War: Ragnarök release.

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Santa Monica Studio May Be Teasing New Game After God of War: Ragnarök

This past week, Kratos and Atreus embarked a journey to nine realms in 2022 action-adventure game God of War: Ragnarök from developer Santa Monica Studio on PlayStation 4 and 5, which finally concludes Norse mythology storyline.

A day after launch, God of War: Ragnarök became fastest-selling series entry in entire franchise history in UK. With latest sequel being wrapped up, Santa Monica Studio execs confirm working on various projects for PlayStation 5 already.

God of War (2018) director Corey Barlog recently revealed that Santa Monica Studio is currently "spread out on a lot of different things" in a latest interview with LA Times but he refused to go into further details regarding those projects.

Since they are not ready to share any specifics, Santa Monica's next big PlayStation could still be in early concept phase and may take some time for publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment to officially announce what they are doing now.

As their studio becomes involved with non-God of War projects, Ragnarök director Eric Williams stated that he would be happy to dedicate himself to Santa Monica's flagship series for full-time and has no problem doing that for all his life.

Williams also recalled talking to a representative for another game company and shared similar sentiments on God of War franchise. He and Barlog also talked about many challenges they had throughout God of War sequel development.

However, neither Barlog nor Williams have denied possibilities of another God of War follow-up game. Now that Norse adventure saga has ended, Kratos and Atreus can move to a new setting like ancient Egypt as shown in early concept.

Santa Monica Studio previously served as a publisher for several indie studios like Eat Sleep Play (Twisted Metal), Giant Sparrow (The Unfinished Swan), Q-Games (PixelJunk) and many more on behalf of their parent company Sony in past.
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