Resident Evil Village Will Be PlayStation VR2 Launch Title

Capcom will release VR mode of Resident Evil Village as a launch title for PlayStation VR2, free for owners of PS5 version.

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Resident Evil Village Will Be PlayStation VR2 Launch Title

Bidding a proper send-off to protagonist Ethan Winters, 2021 survival horror game Resident Evil Village by developer/publisher Capcom launches Shadows of Rose DLC story in October and are not done with latest series installment yet.

Earlier this June, Capcom announced to introduce a virtual reality mode to PlayStation 5 version of Resident Evil: Village, which is now confirmed to release as free DLC for PlayStation VR2 to all owners of the game on February 22, 2023.

Players are invited to relive Ethan Winters' journey to rescue his kidnapped daughter Rose, with a new level of immersion. VR version of Village offers 4K HDR display and advanced eye tracking for heightened sense of reality around you.

Sense controllers enhances your touch feeling and 3D audio adds realism with audio from every angle. While interacting with surrounding environment, objects and weapons, PS VR2 controller let you feel recoil, resistance and vibration.

PS VR2 owners will be able to experience entire base game story of RE: Village when Sony's new VR hardware arrives next year. PlayStation next-gen VR device will be sold worldwide for a price of $549.99/€599.99/£529.99 only at retail.

PlayStation VR2 will include a headset, sense controllers and stereo headphones, which are also sold separately. Sony plans to launch a special Horizon: Call of the Mountain bundle for $599.99 only retail price, featuring a voucher code.
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