Tunche Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is offering PC version of 2021 roguelike beat'em up game Tunche for free giveaway this week.

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Tunche Free on Epic Games Store Now

Throughout entirety of last year, Epic Games ended up offering 99 free games annually on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store for PC platform, which was definitely more than the year before and has a worth of $2,240 only.

Epic Games Store is giving away free copies of 2021 roguelike beat'em up adventure Tunche by developer Leap Game Studios and publisher HypeTrain Digital for this week to claim a free copy before April 6, 8:00 AM PDT/11:00 AM EDT.

Tunche focuses on Rumi and her friends as they try to restore peace in Amazon rainforest using their unique abilities. Fighting off evil creatures in the jungle, they must uncover mystery of the forest while upgrading their combat moves.

Inspired by a Peruvian legend, Tunche features a hand-drawn art-style and can be enjoyed with up to three of your friends in a local co-op. It has several RPG elements including crafting and a day/night cycle with Permadeath mechanic.

As a last minute pick, Epic Store has added 2012 point-and-click adventure game The Silent Age from indie developer/publisher House on Fire, where you play as a time traveler from 1972 and end up in a post-apocalyptic future of 2012.

Epic Games Store has also announced to offer PC version of 2020 pirate adventure Blazing Sails and Enhanced Edition of 2015 survival horror game Dying Light for free next week, will become available to grab, stating from April 6, 2023.
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