Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review-Bombed on Steam Over Performance Issues

PC players are review-bombing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Steam for issues like frame rate, poor optimization and stuttering.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review-Bombed on Steam Over Performance Issues

Making its debut earlier this week, 2023 action-role playing game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty by developer Team Ninja and publisher Koei Tecmo had a strong launch among Souls-like fans on console worldwide with positive receptions.

PC players however, are not having a great time compared to other release platforms and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is getting review-bombed on Steam with a lot of negative reviews due to number of issues and poor PC optimizations.

Wo Long had a couple thousands of negative reviews on Steam by angry PC players despite its critically-acclaimed status to many. Majority of complains focuses on crashes, issues of frame rates drop, performance and stutters for PC.

A common problem that many people faced playing Fallen Dynasty is non-stop stuttering and sudden frame drop even on high-end PCs. In a Souls-like game that frequently requires you to counter, stuttering can ruin your experience.

Other than performance, PC players are frustrated with mouse-and-keyboard control as they are terrible to say the least. With odd button mappings and camera controls, players are on a nightmare trip to Three Kingdoms-era China.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty players on PC are facing these issues even on above recommend set-ups since launch. Those who played a pre-release free demo claims to have never faced these problems and a patch is probably on its way.
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