Midnight Ghost Hunt Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is offering PC version of Midnight Ghost Hunt this week on free giveaway to celebrate Epic MEGA Sale 2023.

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Midnight Ghost Hunt Free on Epic Games Store Now

On third week of ongoing Epic MEGA Sale 2023 sales event, Epic Games brings more new games on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store for players across PC platforms and plans to keep giving away weekly games through 2023.

Epic Store is offering PC version of 2022 multiplayer hide-and-seek shooter title Midnight Ghost Hunt developer Vaulted Sky Games and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing for users to claim now and add it to their online library before June 8.

Take part in a game of chase between Ghosts and Hunters across a series of cursed locations to hunt and stalk until midnight. Arm yourself to teeth with ghoul-busting tech and banish them to another realm in chaotic 4v4 multiplayer fight.

You can also choose to be a Ghost by hiding yourself or possessing various objects to evade any nearby Hunters. Once its midnight, Ghosts will come out to play and Hunters become their easy target with limited time to survive their wrath.

Play together as a team and co-operate to secure victory against your rivals by overpowering or outwitting them in combat. Ghosts are not bound by restrictions of reality and can acquire new supernatural powers to go invisible mid-fights.

Epic Games Store has already replaced Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition from last week with Midnight Ghost Hunt while teasing another mystery game for next week, which will be available to grab for players, starting from June 8, 2023.
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