LOVE Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games is giving away PC version of 2008 minimalistic platformer LOVE this week on Epic Games Store for free.

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LOVE Free on Epic Games Store Now

Going back to their regular schedule, Epic Games continues to giveaway free games every week for players on PC platform through digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store in a long-running promotional campaign to drive traffic to site.

Epic Store is offering PC version of 2008 minimalistic platformer LOVE from developer/publisher Fred Wood for very limited time this week, which you can get a copy of before January 25, 8:00 AM PDT/11:00 AM EDT as it will be replaced.

Created with a retro aesthetic, LOVE is a reductive platformer game that focuses on challenging difficulty for genre fans. Its custom respawn system lets you set preferred checkpoint and make your way through all of its levels quite easily.

Players who seek more challenge can also try out a standard Arcade or Unlimited mode to have a relatively good time. Dev team has also included a dedicated Speedrun mode and YOLO mode for anyone who wants to push them further.

LOVE will replace previous EGS freebie Sail Forth today and will eventually be swapped in seven days with a new PC game. Earlier, free copies of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy were given to players in celebration of annual Holiday Sale.

Epic Games Store have already announced to giveaway 2015 sandbox puzzle game Infinifactory from developer/publisher Zachtronics for next week, which you can claim to own in your online library of games forever, starting January 25.
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