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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Game Journalist Threatens to Tank Earthworm Jim Review

Doug Tennapel being involved with upcoming Earthworm Jim annoys "journalist" Chris Scullion, who implies giving a bad review.

Earlier, a brand-new Earthworm Jim game is announced on Facebook and Twitter to celebrate its upcoming 25 year anniversary with its original team on board and everyone who ever played even a single title of the franchise was so happy.

While most people were excited with joy, this revelation didn't sit well with some people and one such person is "journalist" Chris Scullion, who is not at all pleased because of Doug TenNapel being part of its creative team.

game journalist chris scullion sjw threat doug tennapel earthworm jim game tank review
Game Journalist Threatens to Tank Earthworm Jim Review

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Previously worked for Nintendo Life, Polygon and Vice, Scullion has posted this initial reaction on Twitter.

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CEO of Intellivision, Tommy Tallarico recently made announcement for the heavily anticipated game that would be an exclusive for their upcoming family-friendly console Intellivision Amico, currently set to launch at October 10, 2020.

Tallarico himself was a part of original development team alongside David Parry, Mike Dietz, Nick Bruty and of course, Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel and the game was voted "Game of the Year" back then following release.

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After posting his concern over Twitter, Scullion jumped over to Facebook page of Tommy Tallarico and stepped into comment section to voice his serious issues with involvement of creator Doug TenNapel by replying to a fan.

Scullion states that though he is excited for new Earthworm Jim title but he would find it hard to support TenNapel. He even went further mentioning how it will be trickier for him to review the game if Doug is involved, which clearly has nothing to do with the game itself.

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By calling Doug TenNapel as a "transphobic prick" in his initial Tweet and taking issue over his taking part in the project, Scullion referring to a Twitter exchange from 2017 between Doug and Heather Alexandra, a writer for video game website Kotaku.

Heather posted a critique of the 1994 platformer and when TenNapel referred to Heather as a "good man" on his reply, it became an issue of misgendering since Heather identify as transgender person and it was presumed as a personal attack.

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To keep the conversation on point, Tommy pointed out that while everyone has a right to be entitled to their opinion, people would get upset eventually whether Doug is involved and it is absolutely impossible to please everyone.

Bringing original Earthworm Jim team of 10 people back together was an effort to recreate that same experience that everyone loved back then and to keep it 100% authentic with a complete team effort for Intellivision console.

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However, Chris Scullion once again states how that could be difficult for him to review the game when it comes out, basically implying indirectly that either he would give it a bad review or cover it in a negative aspect regardless of its merits.

He is called out for his nonsensical talk and an his implied threat by Chris Szarek, who points out how it is "Journalism 101" to have an obligation to be accurate and unbiased, according to ethics code of Society of Professional Journalists.

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Szarek said to Scullion that he shouldn't be a reviewer if his review gets biased for someone's involvement to something and it is expected for a journalist to be impartial and set aside any personal differences before covering any story.

Obviously their exchange of comments were going back and forth for some time yet going nowhere near to a point where they could agree. In fact, Scullion responded saying he has been reviewing for past 13 years without any issue so far.

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His deceptive talk couldn't fool Szarek even for a moment and then Scullion ultimately requested Tommy Tallarico to take their conversation to email. He allegedly blocked Chris Szarek on Facebook after exchanging some more.

What Scullion failed to see or probably didn't want to see here is that a person being involved has nothing to do with an actual game and he adding personal opinion and views on Doug in a game review clearly shows what his true motives are.

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Even though "journalist" Chris Scullion never bothered to reach out to Doug TenNapel, the latter has invited Scullion on his show. Our alleged "transphobe" is clearly more than willing to have a talk with his critique rather than ranting on social media.

People like Scullion only cares about writing trash pieces on people they hate for having different viewpoints and that's some quality journalistic integrity you can see right there, which is why people don't trust reviews these days anymore.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

New Earthworm Jim Game Coming in 2020

A brand-new Earthworm Jim game is in development from original team for Intellivision console.

Back in Genesis and SNES era, side-scrolling platformer title Earthworm Jim by developer Shiny Entertainment and publisher Interplay Entertainment, a popular video game series created by comic-book artist Doug TenNapel.

Since then, decades have been passed and no new installment has come out so far but in celebration of its upcoming anniversary, Intellivision Entertainment has revealed a new Earthworm Jim game has is currently in development.

new earthworm jim game intellivision amico
New Earthworm Jim Game Coming in 2020

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Back in October 2018, the company has revealed their project of a family-friendly and affordable console Intellivision Amico that would arrive by October 10, 2020 and would only release titles exclusive to their platform.

Those who owned their hardware in past were immediately hooked knowing they are bringing some of their old classics and now after finalizing their involvement, development for an Earthworm Jim is finally confirmed to increase that hype.

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CEO of Intellivision, Tommy Tallarico has announced the return of 90's anthropomorphic hero for their family-friendly console on Twitter lately.

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Interestingly, original developer team that made the iconic first game possible are all back to reinvent their legacy once again and holding a live-stream on May 4 over Facebook, Twitch and YouTube to interact with eager fans.

Following an interactive Q&A session online with artists, audio team, level designers and programmers, there will be a giveaway of 50 awesome-looking signed and numbered Earthworm Jim posters for participating with them in live chat.