Prime Gaming Free Games for September 2022 Revealed

Members of Prime Gaming get to play Assassin's Creed Origins, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and more on September 2022.

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Prime Gaming Free Games for September 2022 Revealed

Simmer down this summer heat with a brand-new lineup of freebies, courtesy of Prime Gaming and members can now get access to a handful of new PC games and exclusive in-game rewards are there to unlock as regular monthly perks.

As part of an ongoing partnership with Ubisoft, 2017 action role-playing game Assassin's Creed Origins takes you back to ancient Egypt. You will uncover mysteries of those pyramids and clash against a group named Order of the Ancients.

Discover the realm of Sauron in 2014 action-adventure game Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor by Monolith Productions and explore the origins of Rings of Power to forge your legend before facing off a great evil and avenge your family.

Amazon Prime will also bring Castle on the Coast, Defend the Rook, The Dig, Football Manager 2022 and more. All subscribers can have some real good time with lesser known titles included to current month's listing for members on PC.

Other than monthly free games, don't forget to check out exclusive in-game content and loots for select titles like Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, Brawlhalla, Elder Scrolls Online, Overwatch, Pokémon GO, World of Tanks and much more.

Prime members also get access to Earthworm Jim, EVERSPACE, Hot Wheels Unleashed, Riptide GP: Renegade, Yooka-Laylee & the Impossible Lair and Ys IX: Monstrum Nox over Prime Gaming Channel through Amazon Luna cloud gaming.
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