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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet and Escapists 2 Free on Epic Store Now

Epic Games Store is giving away free copy of Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet and Escapists 2 for PC platform this week.

When it comes to announce freebies for PC gamers, no one comes even close to Epic Games by far and they continue to be generous with their weekly lineup of free games on digital outlet Epic Games Store for anyone and everyone.

In their latest free giveaway, Epic Store is offering Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition and The Escapists 2 for anyone with a free account to claim before July 16, 8:00 AM PT/10:00 AM EDT and add to their collection forever.

killing floor 2 lifeless planet escapists 2 free pc game epic games store tripwire interactive stage 2 studios serenity forge mouldy toof studios team 17 co-op zombie shooter puzzle platformer strategy role-playing game
Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet and Escapists 2 Free on Epic Store Now

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A successor to 2009 original, co-op zombie shooter title Killing Floor 2 from developer/publisher Tripwire Interactive sends players on a journey of survival to Europe after it has been overrun with undead Zeds due to a horrific incident.

In an alternate reality, you play as an astronaut who discovers a long-abandoned Russian colony on a distant planet, its mysterious secrets and a survivor in 2014 puzzle platformer Lifeless Planet by Stage 2 Studios and Serenity Forge.

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Plan out your ultimate escape from world's most renowned prison facilities and then work through it to go scot free in 2017 strategy role-playing game The Escapists 2 from developer Mouldy Toof Studios and publisher Team 17.

For next week, Epic Store will be giving away free copies of 2012 action role-playing dungeon crawler Torchlight II from Runic Games and Perfect World Entertainment for PC platform, which will become available from July 16, 2020.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Title Update 4 for Consoles Live Now

Fourth title update adds new areas, monsters, summer seasonal event and more to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Enjoying an unparallel success to previous Monster Hunter titles, action role-playing game Monster Hunter: World from developer/publisher Capcom received an expansion titled Iceborne on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year.

Although slated for launch this May, a fourth major free update for Iceborne was delayed due to global pandemic of Coronavirus earlier and is finally going live today on PS4 and Xbox One consoles at July 8, 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM EDT.

monster hunter world iceborne free title update 4 dlc expansion alatreon blazing black dragon ps4 xb1 action rpg capcom 2020
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Title Update 4 for Consoles Live Now

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Capcom offers a brief glimpse into newest legendary dragon joining for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

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For past few months, Hunters of New World are waiting to get their hands on new armor, new events to take part in and monsters to slay. Latest free title update is adding new areas, items, monsters, quests and story content in MHW: Iceborne.

In latest patch, fabled "Blazing Black Dragon" Alatreon will pose threat to players a major threat due to its control over all natural elements. Among every known elder dragon, Alatreon sits above all and can switch elemental attributes at will.

monster hunter world iceborne alatreon divinity set bonus blazing black elder dragon free title update 4 dlc expansion ps4 xb1 action rpg capcom 2020
Alatreon Soars to Iceborne

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Gather around with your fellow Hunters, equip useful gears and get ready to work together in defeating Alatreon. During hunt, blight resistances, elemental resistances and your ready-wit will help keep calm in an ever-changing fight.

Alatreon changing its power is less of your concern compared to when the creature pulls an elemental shift, which releases a powerful shockwave called "Escaton Judgement" that easily takes down any max armored Hunters nearby.

monster hunter world iceborne alatreon blazing black dragon escaton judgement shockwave elemental shift free title update 4 dlc expansion ps4 xb1 action rpg capcom 2020
Escaton Judgement Shockwave

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Expect to acquire some powerful gear once you hunt down this legendary being and craft armor sets and weapons with Alatreon materials, unlocking Alatreon Divinity set bonus for your elemental resistance and damage for weapon.

Then hunt down Frostfang Barioth, a variant of common Barioth in limited time event quest titled "The Last White Knight". Be sure to grab ice resistance armor, hot drinks and Nullberries to repel its enhanced ice-based breath attacks.

monster hunter world iceborne sizzling spice fest summer seasonal event alatreon blazing black dragon free title update 4 dlc expansion ps4 xb1 action rpg capcom 2020
Sizzling Spice Fest Event

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Enjoy yourself by heading over to Seliana Gathering Hub and celebrate at summer seasonal event Sizzling Spice Fest to have feathers and meat dishes and monster-themed gears, starting from July 21, 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM EDT to August 6.

Free title update 4 will arrive for Windows PC version of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on a later date that Capcom has yet to announce. There will also be a fifth free update, scheduled to launch on fall 2020 with new monsters and more.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Back 4 Blood Reveals Concept Art

Turtle Rock Studios shares new concept art for upcoming co-op zombie shooter title Back 4 Blood on 4th of July.

Although fans are not going to get their hands on a sequel to Left 4 Dead 2 anytime soon, developer Turtle Rock Studios and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive announced a spiritual sequel titled Back 4 Blood back in March 2019.

Following initial announcement, Turtle Rock has remained somewhat quiet on social media for over a year and now shows off a piece of concept art for their upcoming co-operative zombie shooter game on Twitter, during Fourth of July.

back 4 blood concept art reveal turtle rock studios warner bros interactive entertainment first-person co-op zombie shooter pc steam ps4 xb1
Back 4 Blood Reveals Concept Art

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Latest image shows remnant of a human settlement that seems like a sanctuary for survivors of a post-apocalyptic world. A few dead zombies are lying around its premises that are somewhat well-fortified with barricades and bunch of traps.

There will probably be some defense mechanism embedded within gameplay where players will be busy taking out hordes of zombies while well-placed traps will slow their incoming waves, much similar to how it works in World War Z.

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Turtle Rock offered a single concept art of Back 4 Blood on Twitter, teasing possible setting of their latest IP.

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Despite being inspired from Left 4 Dead franchise, latest work-in-progress may have a very different take on zombie shooter genre. Dev team of B4B is probably hard at work and will cook up a teaser trailer for release in near future.

Though development of Back 4 Blood begins for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, Turtle Rock is likely have a cross-gen release. However, not only did they reveal very little about the game, an official release date is yet to be revealed.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Crysis Remastered Delayed Due to Poor Fan Reaction

Scheduled gameplay reveal for Crysis Remastered has been delayed because of poor fan-reaction.

A few months back, developer/publisher Crytek announced long-anticipated Crysis Remastered for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One shortly after it was leaked online though Cookie Policy page of their official website.

Crytek planned to showcase a gameplay trailer on July 1, 2020, which also got leaked via a product listing page on Microsoft Store ahead of reveal and has now been delayed due to disappointed fan-reception over its poor visuals.

crysis remastered gameplay delayed release pc ps4 ps5 xb1 xsx 2007 first-person shooter game nomad crytek
Crysis Remastered Delayed Due to Poor Fan Reaction

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Crysis Remastered was about to release on July 23, 2020 but following initial fan reactions on social media, both its gameplay reveal and launch date has now been pushed back for at least a few weeks to deliver higher-quality of graphics.

Crysis fans were promised a number of updates like art assets improved graphics, lighting and more in upcoming remaster. Postponing release on all platforms, Crytek will be using this extra time to better polish the game for PC and consoles.

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Crysis originally released back in 2007 for Windows PC and immediately set high standard of graphics for many AAA-video games. Many mid-tier PCs out there would fail to even run this game and only some really high-end ones could.

Crysis Remastered releasing on modern consoles will pave a path of series revival for Crytek and a new audience group will get a chance to experience this decades old technical wonder, including players on Nintendo Switch handheld.

Xbox Game Pass to Add Fallout 76, Soulcalibur VI and More

Newest lineup for Xbox Game Pass is adding CrossCode, Fallout 76, Soulcalibur VI and more on July 2020.

Already kicking-off the month of July with bunch of new games revealed for PC and Xbox One consoles earlier, Xbox Game Pass couldn't wait for long to announce another lineup of new titles added to their ever so expanding library.

You can also use your phone to download remotely via Game Pass mobile app or queue up your next games while in the middle of another game. Also, be on a lookout for game quests and newly released free updates at Microsoft Store.

xbox game pass out of the park baseball 21 soulcalibur 6 crosscode fallout 76 xb1 2020
Xbox Game Pass to Add Fallout 76, Soulcalibur VI and More

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Out of the Park Baseball 21 | PC, Ultimate
A lesser known sports strategy franchise, Out of the Park Baseball 21 is an award-winning series outing that is packed with latest features and improvements for a great offline and online play for newcomers and veteran OOTP players.

Newly added 3D Ballpark Construction Kit 1.0 lets you build your dream ballpark and when you are not sure what to do, seek help from Game Flow. There are tons of options added in 21st version for ultimate baseball sandbox experience.

xbox game pass 2020 out of the park baseball 21 xb1
Out of the Park Baseball 21 on Xbox Game Pass

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Soulcalibur VI | Console, Ultimate
Latest installment in a long-running series, weapon-based fighting game Soulcalibur VI from developer/publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment retains many of its staple gameplay features and added new mechanics such as Reversal Edge.

As special guest fighters like 2B from NieR: Automata, Geralt from The Witcher and Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown joins original roster of brave and iconic characters to duke it out among themselves in a quest for legendary Soul Swords.

xbox game pass 2020 soulcalibur 6 bandai namco studios xb1
Soulcalibur VI on Xbox Game Pass

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CrossCode | Console, Ultimate
Taking inspiration from The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana series, retro-styled action role-playing game CrossCode from developer Radical Fish Games and publisher Deck13 offers a fast-paced combat system and a tight sci-fi narrative.

There are about 120 enemy types and more than 30 boss fights across expansive dungeons and various locations. Players can also listen to its rich music tracks as they attempt to hone a range of combat skills and take on loads of quests.

xbox game pass 2020 crosscode radical fish games deck 13 xb1
CrossCode on Xbox Game Pass

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Fallout 76 | Console, PC, Ultimate
In a post-nuclear America, head back to West Virginia to explore its wastelands or settle in buy building base and reutilizing many threats playing online action role-playing game Fallout 76 from developer/publisher Bethesda Softworks.

F76 invites players to relive a new American dream after you create a custom character and begin your unique Fallout adventure right away. You either be a lone survivor or join up fellow humans in neighboring factions like Raiders and Settlers.

xbox game pass 2020 fallout 76 bethesda softworks xb1
Fallout 76 on Xbox Game Pass

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Games that will be leaving Game Pass on July 15 are Blazing Chrome, Dead Rising 4, Metal Gear Solid V, Timespinner, Unavowed and Undertale. Game Pass Ultimate perk for July offers you to grab SMITE: Starter Pass Perk before July 13, 2020.

New subscribers can sign up for Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate by spending $1 only. If you are going to play solely on console, then get a membership of Game Pass for $9.99 per month and enjoy special discount on all purchases.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Modern Warfare and Warzone: Season 4 Reloaded Update Live Now

Latest update Season 4 Reloaded to add multiplayer map for Modern Warfare and limited time 200-player mode for Warzone.

Running parallel in seasonal content with 2019 first-person shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, free-to-play battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone is going big on its latest update with fan-favorite Captain Price in frontlines.

In a recent announcement, Activision and Infinity Ward has revealed to include capacity of adding 200 players in Quads matches of Warzone. Modern Warfare will pick up a new gameplay mode and multiplayer map in Season 4 Reloaded.

call of duty modern warfare warzone season 4 reloaded update live now 200 player mode activision infinity ward raven software pc ps4 xb1
Modern Warfare and Warzone: Season 4 Reloaded Update Live Now

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Expected to arrive later today, upcoming Reloaded patch will bring up to 200 players during Quads experience of battle royale. Warzone demands that you must adapt into a new strategy when joining in alongside 199 others at Verdansk.

Now that lobby size is going to increase about 33%, everyone must watch their back and of their teammates at all times. Instead of being reckless and jumping into situations, be precise in your move since there are more Operators around.

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Find out a Juggernaut Suit within one of the airdropped care packages in Juggernaut Royale mode to unleash your mini-gun on enemies. Once you take it down, a new package will drop giveaway another suit to let loose on rival squads.

Complete in-game challenge to unlock .50 caliber-chambered, powerful semi-automatic sniper rifle Rytec AMR. Modern Warfare and Warzone players can find a blueprint variant of this long-range shooter via "Lost Souls" bundle in Store.

Juggernaut Royale Mode

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will get new multiplayer map Cheshire Park and new game mode Team Defender. Cheshire Park is designed to capture objectives via close quarter combats while taking position at front yards or phone booths.

Team Defender is a decade old formula with a twisted turn on usual "Capture the Flag" type of matches. As forces of Allegiance and Coalition reigns chaos, new Operator Roze and new collection of bundles are introduced in Store.

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Amidst fight, be on a lookout for Supply Run Contracts that will lead you to a neighboring Buy Station to earn discount for your next purchase. Spotter Scope is a high-powered, reusable gear that helps you take down enemies undetected.

Newcomers can pick up Warzone Starter Pack before joining their next fight in Verdansk for $4.99 only and get a boost in your loadouts. Also, there are 500 CoD Points, blueprint, calling cards, Operator collection, skins and much more.

call of duty warzone starter pack 500 cod points amalgam  shotgun blueprint epic krueger skin alchemist calling card epic emblem double battle pass double weapon xp
Call of Duty: Warzone Starter Pack

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Season 4 Reloaded update to have a download size of 22-36 GB approximately for players of Modern Warfare and additional 3.5GB for console owners to access multiplayer content, which can be reduced by removing other data packs.

Given how developer Infinity Ward and Raven Software releases each new updates for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone with continuously increasing file size, opting out of select content is like a blessing for players on console.

Crysis Remastered Gameplay Reveal, Release Date Leaked

Crytek plans to reveal first gameplay trailer for Crysis Remastered on July 1, launch date is leaked to be July 23.

Shortly after teasing on social media, highly-requested Crysis Remastered has been leaked on its official website in April 2020 before officially being revealed by developer Crytek for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Ahead of gameplay trailer premiere on July 1, 2020, official launch trailer for Crysis Remastered was leaked from Microsoft Store listing page, which was removed afterwards and is available now to watch at video hosting site Streamable.

crysis remastered gameplay reveal release date leaked
Crysis Remastered Gameplay Reveal, Release Date Leaked

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Leaked footage for the remastered Crysis game was captured on a PC and links are getting shared on sites like Reddit. Microsoft Store also has a release date set for July 23, 2020, which is less than a month and only a few weeks from now.

For very first time in entire series run, a Crysis game is about to debut on a Nintendo console this year. Having player interest in mind, Crytek will develop PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions to leverage features of next-gen hardware.

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Crytek has taken official Twitter account of Crysis to announce date for first gameplay trailer on July 1, 2020.

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Crytek has attempted to a major graphical overhaul to one of their all-time greatest hit in association with Saber Interactive. A retail price is for Crysis Remastered not yet given so far and it will be available for pre-order very soon.

According to listing description, Crysis Remastered to offer remastered graphics for 2007 classic first-person shooter title optimized for new generation of hardware, which vaguely leaves room for possible next-gen console release in near future.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Death Stranding Sequel or Spin-Off Teased by Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima teases working on new concepts, possibly teasing Death Stranding sequel or a spin-off.

After his shocking departure from publisher company Konami, game director Hideo Kojima made Kojima Productions an independent studio and helmed anticipated action game Death Stranding for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Following its PlayStation 4 debut back in November 2019, a Windows PC version was announced for July 14, 2020. Meanwhile, Kojima started to tease a number of projects that he may be working on, including a Death Stranding sequel.

death stranding sequel spin-off teased hideo kojima ps4 social strand 2019 action game kojima productions sony interactive entertainment ps5 playstation 4
Death Stranding Sequel or Spin-Off Teased by Hideo Kojima

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Though there have been rumors of Kojima Productions working on either Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill series in association with Konami and Sony, which was debunked by a representative from former company shortly afterwards.

Most likely to be set within Death Stranding universe, upcoming Hideo Kojima project may turn out to be a sequel or spin-off. At least, his latest series of social media posts suggests that he is up to something similar to his most recent work.

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Kojima posted an image of his work desk on Twitter, collaborating on character designs and much more.

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Keen eyes at ResetEra has taken a good look at the artwork on his working desk and deduced an object as a flying vehicle, labeling it as "Landing Ship" and connecting dots that Death Stranding franchise may head over to space travel.

An early video featuring official logo of Kojima Productions shows a Ludens character on surface of moon carrying a studio flag. In a 2019 official release trailer, Cliff Unger talks to BB about being able to go anywhere, even to moon.

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In a second image, he showed an illustration by Shusei Nagaoka for "Oasis" by famed Japanese artist KitarĊ.

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Though most fans are speculating that he is working on a video game, Kojima himself has stated interest of working on a non-interactive project. You can surely draw more than one conclusion from what ResetEra breaks down to you though.

Despite offering a unique gameplay experience, Death Stranding has created division among players as the game is not certainly for everyone. There is a lot to explore in Hideo Kojima's thematic fictional world in a future sequel to DS.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Hitman 2 and Stardew Valley on Xbox Free Play Days

Free Play Days brings Hitman 2 and Stardew Valley for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate members this weekend.

During each Xbox Free Play Days weekly event, members of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gets to cheer up to celebrate new lineup of games to play on Xbox One console for free while staying in comfort of home.

Starting from June 25, 12:01 AM PDT/3:01 AM EDT, Live Gold or Game Pass subscribers can head over to Microsoft Store to download and play newly added Hitman 2 and Stardew Valley until June 28, 11:59 PM PDT/2:59 AM EDT.

hitman 2 stardew valley xbox live gold free play days event
Hitman 2 and Stardew Valley on Xbox Free Play Days

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Now that an official follow up sequel waiting for release in January 2021, take a tour into world of assassination with Agent 47 in stealth adventure title Hitman 2 by developer IO Interactive and follow targets to worldwide locations.

Then jump into 2016 simulation role-playing game Stardew Valley from publisher Chucklefish, where player character goes back to inherit a rural farm from their grandfather in an attempt to try and settle there to leave a city life behind.

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When your trial period in Free Play Days are finally over, you can still keep playing these titles by simply purchasing them and enjoy special member discount for limited time but remember that percentage may vary in different region.

Xbox Free Play Days for this week lets you grab Hitman 2 Gold Edition for a whopping 75% off, which is a complete steal. People who are looking forward to begin their journey to Stardew Valley can buy its standard edition at 30% less.