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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Evil Within 2 First-Person Mode Update

While everyone around the world is in the mood for Valentine's Day, developer Tango Gameworks and publisher Bethesda Softworks was busy thinking what to give their fans this year on such an occasion. They eventually came up with an idea for their survival horror title The Evil Within 2, that is something many players have been asking for since the release. They have brought an update that will let you play the game in first-person view.

the evil within 2 first person mode
The Evil Within 2 First Person Mode Update

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With a brand-new trailer from Bethesda, we see the horrific things inside STEM through Sebastian’s eyes now.

Following the launch of The Evil Within 2, some curious fans discovered that part of the game can be played in a first-person mode and for a survival horror title, that is truly a mind-blowing experience. So, they started requesting to the community to make this feature available for the entirety of the game and looks like Tango Gameworks have granted their wish. With the newly released update for the game, you can now play the whole game in first-person perspective regardless of your platform.

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To get the first-person view activated in The Evil Within 2, you need to go to Options>General> First-Person Mode>Enabled and you are all good to go play the game from Detective Sebastian Castellanos' viewpoint. Depending on your in-game situation, you can turn off the mode and switch back to the regular perspective. This chance to toggling the mode on and off at times can also shift the outcome of your gameplay a bit.

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The success of other first-person horror games like Outlast II and Resident Evil 7 clearly depicts how much people love to experience the gameplay of this genre first hand as all the threat seems more lifelike and scarier, which is the point of playing a horror game in the first place for most. So, Producer Shinsaku Ohara of Tango Gameworks decided to gave it a shot when fans started requesting for it.

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Survival horror game The Evil Within 2 was published by Bethesda Softworks to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is also a chance for you to get a Free Trial for the game and the first-person mode will also be there. Plus, upon purchasing the title, your progress will be carried to the main game and you get a 50% off on digital sale. The offer is valid till February 19 for Steam and February 20 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Evil Within 2 Ending Explained

Being famous for being created by Resident Evil game creator Shinji Mikami, which despite being a survival horror is not-Resident Evil. Tango Gameworks brilliantly picked up many elements of its spiritual mentor and yet managed to be a unique series of its own, teaming up with Bethesda Softworks. Players got to go into a world that is completely other-worldly and was built with elements of horrors.

tango gameworks the evil within 2
The Evil Within 2 Ending Explained

The game is just out now and it's been only a few days after. So, out best guess is that, many of you who have stumbled onto this post have not probably finished the entire game yet. It will take you over 16 hours more or less to finish The Evil Within 2 and as we are about to do a lot of spoiler, you might as well finish the game first and read this article if you don't want to be spoiled in advance.


The game revolves around police detective Sebastian Castellanos of Krimson City, who was in charge of a mass murder case at Beacon Mental Hospital. His investigation led him with his partner Joseph Oda and Junior Detective Juli Kidman into a world of abnormality and monstrosities walking around every corner, trying to take their lives at all times. There, Sebastian came to know of a shadow organization Mobius and their secret project STEM. With assistance from Juli, he was able to destroy STEM and got out of it.

shinji mikami the evil within 2
The Tragic House Fire

Now, this is what led Sebastian to the plot point of The Evil Within 2 and from here, the story progresses onwards. He has spent three years solving the mystery of Beacon Mental Hospital and the involvement of Mobius with it because no one believed him on that. Meanwhile, his wife Myra goes missing and he lost his daughter Lily to a house fire. Even if it was years ago and even before the STEM incident, it led him to drown in his sorrows and seeking solace in a bar by drowning into liquor bottles.

His former partner and a double-agent for Mobius, Juli Kidman approaches him with the news of his daughter Lily being alive and in order to save her, Sebastian has to enter the STEM once again. He enters the other-worldly plane inside the STEM and as he saw before, the people inside the town called The Union were going crazy and trying to kill each other.

the evil within 2 union
Inside The Union

Mobius also sent a team of Julian Sykes, Liam O’Neal, Miles Harrison, William Baker and Yukiko Hoffman, whom detective Castellanos keeps an eye on. Sebastian finds the team leader of Mobius operatives, William Baker already dead but is stuck in a repeated photographic loop of his brains blowing out. He meets a deranged psychopath named Steafno Valentini, who was a former war photographer gone insane and now he kills people to create art with them.

the evil within 2 stem
Photographic Death Loop

Steafno join forces with Mobius neuro specialist named Theodore Wallace, who went AWOL and now wants control over the machine. As Union starts breaking down, Steafno goes crazier. He is actually after Sebastian's daughter Lily, whom Theodore wanted to get his hands on as Lily is acting as the Core for STEM just like Ruvik was before.

the evil within 2 steafno valentini
The Deadly Photographer

It appears that Sebastian's wife Myra is also a part of this madness, who never believed that her child died. So, when Juli offered her a chance to get her daughter back, she agreed to be a part of the plan of taking down Mobius along with a soldier named Esmeralda Torres and Theodore Wallace. The plan was to replace Lily and Myra taking her place as the Core to shut them down from the inside.

the evil within 2 father theodore wallace
In The Name of Father Theodore

However, while everyone else was following the original plan, Theodore decides to take Lily and gain control over Mobius through STEM, because all of Mobius’ employees are connected to it. His faced was scarred by Myra when he forcibly tried to take Lily from her after they just rescued the girl. As they were fighting, Lily gets stranded within the Union. Mobius sent more agents to retrieve Lily but they all end up dead inside.

the evil within 2 sebastian castellanos
The Quest for Lily

Upon her plan falling apart, Juli Kidman brought Sebastian in to help save his wife and daughter in a last ditch effort. Unable to get his hands on the power he seeks, Theodore lures Steafno Valentini and others with his power of manipulation to hunt down Lily in exchange for great powers. As the entire STEM was using Lily as its Core, the Union starts breaking up after she went into hiding. As a side effect, many of the residents start losing their minds before turning into savage creatures, The Lost and killing others present there.

the evil within 2 the lost
Among The Lost

When Steafno eventually manages to get Lily, it caused the Union to break apart even more but he is killed at the hands of Sebastian before he could hand over her to Father Theodore. Turned into a monster now, Myra takes Lily and run away. Theodore desperately tries to convince Sebastian of providing power and safety, in exchange for total submission but got declined. The madman then kills all the Mobius members except Liam O’Neal, whom he took control over.

the evil within 2 myra matriach
Myra Becomes Matriach

In the ensuing clash between Theodore Wallace and Sebastian Castellanos sees the end of many lives. The villain phase-shifts out of there and with help from a dying Liam, Theodore is flushed out again. Esmeralda Torres gets accidentally shot by Sebastian during this time but she ends up dying while trying to save her. She was actually the one that Mobius sent to burn down his house and abduct Lily. So, seeing this as a chance for redemption, she joined Juli in her mission.

In one final showdown, Sebastian gets the upper hand on Father Theodore even after the latter unleashing a wave of past horrors on his mind but then is impaled by Myra in the end. Theodore also stabs at her neck before she delivers the fatal blow and Union starts falling apart even further. Myra takes a monstrous form that attacks Sebastian but then also helped him reunite with his daughter before bidding them goodbye.

the evil within 2 juli kidman
Juli Kidman Betrays Mobius

Seeing Sebastian made it out alive, the chief executive of Mobius orders Juli Kidman to instruct him to the extraction point. Then Sebastian will be killed and Lily will be taken so that they can re-build the STEM again. Juli decides to carry out her original plan and retaliates against her fellow agents. By working along with Myra, Juli brings down STEM from within and then kills all the Mobius employees using a signal to destroy the implants in their body. She helps them escape from Mobius facility as Sebastian and Lily escaped Union right before it collapsed. The father-daughter duo then rides off to the sunset like a typical happy ending.

We believed that everything with Mobius or STEM ended here but as the post-credit scene starts rolling, we see that STEM reboots itself. This probably hints that Myra is still alive inside the program and also for a sequel maybe!

Well, the entire setup on which the story of The Evil Within 2 has taken place is an exceptional one and that separates the game from typical monster-hunting spree of other horror games. Presented by Bethesda Softworks, The Evil Within 2 is now available to take you on a journey of survival horror as you play it on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Shinji Mikami also wants to release the game on Nintendo Switch if possible as Bethesda is already working on many of their titles to release on Switch.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer

It is almost there. Friday the 13th of October is almost upon us and we await the release of Tango Gameworks' upcoming third-person survival horror video game The Evil Within 2 to unleash its nightmares. This dark and twisting experience choosing an unpleasant day of the colander for its debut is only fitting. To get his daughter Lily back, Detective Sebastian Castellanos has to face his worst fears once again.

the evil within 2 sebastian castellanos
The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer

Bethesda Softworks has dropped a disturbing launch trailer, which is right below and we have some more details on hand about the game for you.

Sebastian's time serving inside the STEM is yet not over. In fact, he has to delve into that world full of stuff of bad dreams again. He thought that he lost his daughter Lily many years ago in a fire but now that he has found out that she is alive and well, nothing will stop him from getting her back before all are lost. Since, this mission is very personal, he is motivated to see the endgame that waits in this imaginary hellhole.

Inside the world of STEM, Sebastian also stumbles onto sick photographer Stefano and priest Theodore, all seeking their own means. There is a lot of shooting towards the gruesome creatures who lurks everywhere around the protagonist and the overall experience of the trailer is simply gross.

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Everything about the game that the players loved from the first installment is there as the studio went on to create an expanding universe around these characters, while the gritty story of the game progresses. The newly added crafting system and the expanded customization system will help Sebastian survive the unspeakable horrors of the STEM. Bethesda made sure that different ways of playing the game also get you to the end of the deal without making it too difficult for you.

Whether a fan of the series or not, if you are up for some good spook, The Evil Within 2 is the right choice for you right now. Not only you get to explore the dream-like worlds inside STEM, there are countless other horrors to send a chill down your spine.

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The Evil Within 2 is dated to release worldwide on 13th October, Friday and will be available on platforms like PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Producer of the game, Shinji Mikami, has also expressed interest on releasing it on Nintendo Switch as Bethesda has already started porting Doom, Skyrim and Wolfenstein II. When it finally comes out, grab a chair and turn off all the lights of your room before you start enjoying this survival horror experience as Sebastian Castellanos.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Evil Within 2: Customize Experience

Ever since The Evil Within 2 is Announced at E3, fans of Shinji Mikami's handiwork has been sitting tight on the edge of their seats while waiting for the horror experience. Bethesda Softworks has been considerate enough for them to release new updates regarding the upcoming release too. They thought it would be nicer to the fans to discuss in details about the customization system they have for this upcoming survival-horror.

the evil within 2 sebastian
The Evil Within 2 – Customizing Your Experience

So, at a recent Bethesda Live Q&A session, game director John Johanas of Tango Gamesworks explored all the possibilities and stakes we might come across.

The Evil Within offered the players to advance to a situation as they wanted but even that had limitations. You would be either going berserk or running like crazy from all the creepy monsters. Johanas also assured that you might a horror fan at your core, but action lover will not be disappointed by The Evil Within 2. However, the sequel offers you more flexibility to your approaches in many ways that you can actually improve yourself with the game protagonist Sebastian Castellanos.

the evil within 2 enemies
Find Your Way Out

There are five customization options for you; Health, Stealth, Combat, Recovery and Athleticism. According to the category you will chose, you will upgrade Sebastian's abilities suited to your unique playing style. For instance; if you decide to upgrade Health with Green Gel, you will be able to survive fatal blows. Stealth upgrade will let you perform sneak kills, improving the Combat tree will make the melee attacks more damaging. Sebastian will grow more durable and agile with upgrading his Recovery and Athleticism aspect respectively.

Nevertheless, there are hardly any situations where you have absolutely nothing to do and right now all you can do is to wait for Friday, October 13, of 2017 when The Evil Within 2 launches worldwide on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Evil Within 2 Tie-In Comics

Resident Evil series creator Shinji Mikami returns with the survival horror game The Evil Within sequel that was announced at E3. The game starts and quickly delves into the new story without pausing for us to catch on what happened between The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. The opted gap is still pretty foggy to us. So, Bethesda Softworks has teamed up with Titan Comics to produce a prequel story for The Evil Within 2.

the evil within 2 titan comics
The Evil Within #1, Andrea Olimpieri Cover

This two-part comic book will solely feature on the perspective of Detective Sebastian Castellanos. He is already pretty disturbed with the events that took place in the previous game and now he is back to deal with another problem like that.

Detective Sebastian used to work in Krimson City Police Department but then suddenly he is introduced with this unexpected nightmare alley, where his life gets messed up pretty badly. The guy lost his job, loved ones and now he is at the brink of losing his sanity. So, it is safe to say that Sebastian's life isn't a very charming one right now.

the evil within 2 the interlude
The Evil Within: The Interlude

In this comic titled "The Interlude", Sebastian Castellanos is on the hunt of a serial killer, who is on a murdering spree. What bothers him is that the killer is hunting down his victims like the way Ruvik did. Problem is, Ruvik used to kill people in the exact fashion but only inside of STEM. This killer, our hero is after actually killing people in the same style but in the real world. Now, that is a very uncanny co-incidence to overlook for anyone, let alone Detective Sebastian.

To get the story in order, comic-book writer Ryan O’Sullivan (Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, Turncoat), artists Damien Worm (Dark Souls, The October Faction) and Szymon Kudranski (Spawn, Daredevil/Punisher) were brought in for the project. Ryan believes the game to be a perfect match for his test as he is a fan of games like Alone in the Dark, Amnesia, Dead Space, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and System Shock.

the evil within 2 comic book
The Evil Within #1, Damien Worm Cover

Damien is a dedicated fan of horror games, whether it is survival horror or adventure in the mix. Silent Hill and Dino Crisis from 90's are among Szymon's favorites. They both played the first game and loved it. So, working on the prequel comic-book project for the sequel game was an exciting experience for them for sure.

Friday the 13th of October 2017 is marked for the worldwide release of The Evil Within 2 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So, if you are truly drawn towards the horror-mysteries of the game, be sure to pick up the prequel comics series before you play the game.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Evil Within 2: "Survive" Gameplay Trailer

With the recent release of the Announcement Trailer and Story Trailer of The Evil Within 2, eagerly waiting fans have been asking for more. So, Bethesda decided to treat them with a new gameplay trailer titled "Survive", exploring Detective Sebastian Castellanos' journey into the unknown to save his long-lost daughter. Having made the trailer being majorly CG, we could only have the opportunity of getting a small glimpse of The Evil with 2 in action.

The Evil Within 2: "Survive" Gameplay Trailer

However, it seems the new one follows the same fashion similar to the first game with Sebastian building a sophisticated powerful weapon. Watch the "Survive" gameplay trailer and watch out your back to make sure that you don't have some beasts coming after your tail.

The Evil within 2 focuses on Sebastian as he travels to the city of Union. With the thought of Lily at the core of its creation, Union is a mix of claustrophobic environments and wide open areas suitable for player’s exploration. It is expected of you to delve into this cruel and savage world to save Lily from the devil's den.

As you get into this two-minutes long experience of Survival Horror, you get to witness Sebastian fighting his way into his destiny with lots of haunting demons creeping around and ready to sink their teeth on him. So far, the game-playing style for the sequel seems not too much different from the forerunner, only a lot more horde of scary monster to expect in this nightmarish world of STEM.

Survive The Nightmarish World

The Executive Producer Shinji Mikami (Devil May Cry, Resident Evil) gave his word on The Evil Within 2:

“The story we’ve crafted for you is very compelling. Each stage you’ll delve into is very unique. I hope people enjoy the game, and I encourage everyone to thoroughly explore the world.”

Bethesda has also revealed that there will be a "Last Chance Pack" DLC on pre-order, much like the "Fighting Chance Pack" from its predecessor The Evil Within. Ordering down early for the game will earn you the burst handgun, which uses bullets that can be found or crafted, an assortment of crafting supplies to help you get started, and a few extra healing items. The Evil Within 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Friday, October 13, 2017.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Evil Within 2 Story Trailer

While the flash of The Evil Within 2, during Bethesda’s E3 2017 press conference made quite enough buzz but still left a lot of questions still unanswered. What happened to Sebastian’s daughter? What’s up with the choice of the cover? Is that the best they can come up with? The new trailer should give you insight to these and every other question that's been probably bugging you.

the evil within 2 sebastian castellanos
The Evil Within 2 Story

Now, it is only relevant to do a concise background on The Evil Within for those who do not know the story. Well, the story dwells around Detective Sebastian Castellanos; the game’s protagonist, who struggles with deep personal loss and depression.

Sebastian lost his daughter years ago but what he never knew was that she never really died. Of course she was alive being used in a system called STEM but Sebastian was completely oblivious of this. He however continued to seek the truth about his daughter disappearance. Later, he got the truth he wanted and now he is ready to do virtually anything and everything to get his daughter back.

The game trailer blends in a survivor heroic sequel which looks more like that of Silent Hill. It also emphasizes different themes like failure, introspection, self-doubt and fatherly love.

As the game is due on Friday, 13th of October, 2017, fans of horror games are anticipating quite a number of changes to be made in the game. A more coherent story, more optimized experience, streamlined upgrade system, improved stealth mechanic that works and every other things that were absent in the first installment.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Evil Within 2 Announced

Bethesda announced a sequel to their survival horror game The Evil Within at E3. The game is a psychological thriller mixed with horror and otherworldly events. The sequel is set to pick things up; it is set to catapult you into the persona of Detective Sebastian Castellanos. From horror genius and Resident Evil series creator Shinji Mikami and the talented team at Tango Gameworks, The Evil Within 2 takes the proclaimed liberty to a new rung of transition with its unique blend of psychological thrills and true survival horror.

the evil within 2 sebastian castellanos
The Evil Within 2 Announced

Though it was no big surprise that Bethesda was going to announce The Evil Within 2 this year on E3 presentation. Check out the announcement trailer here.

This time around, the plot gives Sebastian the opportunity to rescue his daughter but not easily and not without paying a ransom. Don’t be fooled, it’s not money. You can enjoy being Detective Sebastian Castellanos at your lowest point but when given a chance to save your daughter, you must enter a world enveloped with nightmares to discover the dark origins of a once-idyllic town to bring her back. Horrifying threats will be emerging from every corner as your surrounding world twists and warps around you.

Will you face adversity head on with weapons and traps, or sneak through the shadows to survive? Or you can do what it takes, endure the hardship and enjoy the travails until you fulfill your one and only task. This game leaves you with the question how? How long will it take you to do it? How long can you endure? How smart can you be? Players are taken to a far away land of devastation, endurance and love. With the love for his daughter, Sebastian is set to do anything and everything to get his daughter back.

The Evil Within 2 will be coming to us on Friday, 13th of October this year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s, however, available for pre-order now on their official site.