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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Official Trailer

Hold on to your horses as Star-Lord , Gamora , Drax , Rocket Raccoon and Groot arrives to save the galaxy in the newly released official trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series . Telltale and Marvel Games has released the official trailer that takes the stakes very high right from the beginning but as the Guardians of the Galaxy are as always, they are ready to face Armageddon without even flinching. Guardians of the Galaxy – The Telltale Series  Official Trailer As we go further on this particular topic, you guys go ahead and give yourself some good-time rock and roll with this official trailer in Star-Lord 's way! Though the earlier plot synopsis revealed that the Guardians will be after "an artifact of unspeakable power" and an enemy who wants the same would stand in their way, the trailer starts from a distress message from Nova Corps asking for their help as they are under attack by Thanos , The Mad Titan. But this death worshipi

Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer

Bungie's most-aniticpated multiplayer first-person shooter gets first full-length trailer and a release date. At first developer studio Bungie and publisher Activision  officially announced the much awaited multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny 2  and then they gave us the “Last Call” teaser trailer the next day. With all the eager fans waiting worldwide for the anticipated reveal trailer, Bungie just dropped it and it blew up everyone's mind with pure awesomeness. Titled “Rally the Troops”, the trailer showcases both Commander Zavala and Cayde-6 trying to march their flock for battle in their own unique way. Destiny 2 “Rally the Troops” Reveal RELATED: Destiny 2 Officially Announced In case if you have somehow missed that, we got Destiny 2 reveal trailer right here for you. Check this out and then we will get into what it showed us and why. Subtly the reveal trailer points out a couple of things that might affect or change the gameplay probably for b

The King of Fighters XIV DLC Character Rock Howard

For over two decades The King of Fighters from developer  SNK is considered one of the most popular of fighting games franchise there is. The latest addition to the series is The King of Fighters XIV , released for  PlayStation 4 in 2016 and awaiting for PC release in June 15, 2017. The game previously added four downloadable characters; Whip, Ryuji Yamazaki and Vanessa as paid DLC content. Most recently, SNK has announced of bringing Rock Howard from the Fatal Fury series as a character DLC soon. Rock Howard Character DLC RELATED: The King of Fighters '97 Global Match Announced As a courtesy of SNK , they even dropped a reveal trailer for Rock Howard's character, which you can check out right below. RELATED: The King of Fighters '97 Global Match Out Now The trailer above showcases Rock's key fighting styles and depicts how efficient he is in versus fights. Avid fans of The King of Fighters spin-off Fatal Fury series knows that Rock Howard s

Telltale’s Guardians of The Galaxy Release Date Announced

As soon as Marvel Games and Telltale have announced the news of developing a Guardians Of The Galaxy video game in December, 2016 with a Teaser Trailer , fans around the world has gone nuts. With no prior specific release date declared then, we were only left with the possibility of that time to be earlier on 2017. Since the game is being developed by Telltale Games , it has to be an episodic adventure, right? In addition, we have Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 , the sequel to 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy live-action super-hero film rounding up for releasing on May 5th, 2017. So, to make this even more exciting, Marvel and Telltale Games decided to drop the first episode of the game on April, 2017. Guardians of the Galaxy: Tangled Up in Blue Promo Available for iOS , Android , PC , Xbox One and PS4 console, the first episode titled “Tangled Up in Blue” will be available on April 18th for download. Creative Director of Marvel Games , Bill Rosemann has previously

Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer

As soon as " Destiny 2 Officially Announced " by developer studio Bungie and publisher Activision via a Tweet , a teaser titled “Last Call” is now released as well. The animated teaser trailer features Destiny 's ever-lovable yet cranky robot Cayde-6 hanging in a bar, trying to enjoy his drink and slowly blabbering about a dangerous mission that he was in to a sweeper robot. Everyone's lovable rogue Nathan Fillion is back as voice for Cayde-6 and he makes it look like End of the World is no big deal. Destiny 2 “Last Call” Teaser If you haven't seen the teaser yet then waste no time to treat yourself with a bit of Cayde flavor. Here goes the teaser. The teaser does not just entertain or tease us but it has put one of the rumor to rest, confirming that The Last City is on fire and in real peril. Yes, the world burns around Cayde-6 and he is just taking a break, recalling from flashback that how they were under attack by the Cabal before going ba

Destiny 2 Officially Announced

Teasing the fall of The Last City, the upcoming sequel for multiplayer first-person shooter video game Destiny is one the way and that gives the fans of the game such a relief. It's been quite some times that people were eagerly waiting for Destiny 2 and from last week, there was a rumor for the release of the sequel. Destiny 2 Officially Announced So, developer studio Bungie and publisher Activision decided to announce the release of the game and they did it with a simple Tweet of sequel’s logo on the game's official Twitter page today. — Destiny The Game (@DestinyTheGame) March 27, 2017 Though not much is revealed on the image except for the sequel's title and a possible logo, in the background The Last City is seen to be on fire and in ruins. The title and logo of the game clearly resembles to the leaked image that emerged on the Italian gaming website Lega last week. That poster also had a release date mentioned, which is

Blizzard Offers StarCraft For Free

It all started with a patch that was seen on Blizzard 's FTP site but never made it live. Another version; patch 1.18 arrived after a while for the first time in the last eight years. Then, Blizzard Entertainment has finally unleashed the original StarCraft , for FREE. Now, anyone can enjoy the opportunity of playing the military science fiction real-time strategy video game on both Windows and Mac . You can now get your free game on the game’s official site easily. In addition, the game comes with loads of new updates which make the game quite easy to play. RELATED: Activision Considering Call of Duty Cinematic Universe Later this summer, the free version will be out to play ahead of a Remastered version of the prototype of the original StarCraft . The Starcraft Remastered comes with full, interesting, cleaner graphics that will blow your mind. Another interesting fact is that players that has the original game and those with the upcoming Remastered edition will be lavishe

Prey Player Choices and Consequences

There was a time when we used to play game with many different approach yet meeting with same conclusion. Then as time passed, developers started being creative and introduced the concept of " Choices and Consequences " that matters in the end result of games. Recently, Telltale Games has taken that concept and making people feel more responsible for the consequences against their actions. Looks like, developer Arkane Studio is following the same footsteps with their upcoming project Prey . Only Yu Can Save the World The following clip titled "Only Yu Can Save the World" contains clip from the game detailing a few cut-scenes and the people behind the game talking about " Choices and Consequences ". Abroad Talos-1, everything you do, every step you take, is going to matter in the end no matter how insignificant that might be. For example, as Morgan Yu, you will come across many survivors during the course of Prey . Some of them will want yo

Assassin's Creed TV Series Confirmed

Developer studio Ubisoft has finally unveiled its brand-new project which is Assassin’s Creed TV Series to expand their already popular franchise even further. Aymar Azazia, Assassin’s Creed head of content, shares this info at the Reddit AMA session. However, he has chosen to refrain from disclosing any other details about the series beforehand. Even while he chose to make the details a secret, Azaizia only promises to deliver the fans nothing but the best. It is clear that an Assassin’s Creed TV show has, for now, not been formally announced. Yves Guillemot, CEO of  Ubisoft , said that he had a formal talk with Netflix for an Assassin’s Creed TV series. Assassin's Creed TV Series Confirmed As for now, it seems the Assassin’s Creed TV show would perhaps be produced by Ubisoft Motion Pictures ; Ubisoft ’s TV and motion picture division. Ubisoft Motion Picture has previously produced the Nickelodeon TV show Rabbids Invasion as well as the Assassin’s Creed

Friday the 13th: The Game "Killer" Trailer

It's been quite some time that we had the news Friday the 13th: The Game being on development stage by Gun Media and would probably come out sometime in 2017, also available for pre-order. Well, the publisher studio was feeling like giving us a glimpse of what the game has in stores for us all and dropped a "Killer" trailer, just like series antagonist Jason Voorhees. This trailer gives us a good idea of just how many creative ways Jason can murder his victims. Friday the 13th: The Game "Killer" Trailer If you haven't seen the trailer yet, it's time for you to check out the blood-thirsty psychopath at his gory work. This four-minute long recent trailer focuses on Jason taking a death toll over the residents of Camp Crystal Lake in most of the gruesome ways ever possible, both with bare hands and deadly weapons. He won't be haunting the players in a single appearance. Instead, a few incarnation of the character is presented and one of

Top 3 Prey Enemies to Look Out For

Morgan Yu woke up to prepare himself for his first day at work, at the space station Talos I of TranStar Corporation. But then things went wrong and Yu discovers himself in the middle of a sudden alien invasion, fighting deadly enemies that poses threat to him or anyone else. This is how Bethesda Softworks has set up the premise for their latest first-person shooter game Prey . Previously, we had a look at " Prey Gameplay Highlights From Opening Hour ", that slightly explores what the game is all about and what type of dangers gamers will be facing but there were not much details on the alien enemies. Prey – Typhon Research The recently released clip from Bethesda titled "Prey – Typhon Research" not only introduces a wide-array of hostile Typhon aliens but also offers a up-close look at these vicious enemies. To start with, we know the invading alien race are called Typhons, who are no doubt unfriendly and damn-straight hostile. Arkane Studios intr

Telltale’s Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy Listed for Nintendo Switch

With Nintendo Switch is out in the market, its proud owners are eager to know about the game listings for the console. Most recently, it was implied that Batman: The Telltale Series and Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series will be added to that list, according to some online outlets. Although no official confirmation has been given yet, 365games and GameBuy has already listed the physical version of the mentioned games for Nintendo ’s Switch . Newegg went as far as adding a product listing which is without an image though. Batman: The Telltale Series Listed for Nintendo Switch When asked for commenting, Telltale spoke about " Guardians of the Galaxy " being digitally available in 2017 for PC , consoles and mobile devices, which we all know already. However, they weren't generous enough to reveal any information regarding the possibility of Telltale’s Batman being available on Switch . Among the two games, Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Ser

Splatoon 2: Global Testfire Dates and Times

So far, Nintedo 's Splatoon 2 haven't even announced an official release date but a demo for the game is on its way. That's right. Splatoon 2: Global Testfire is ascending on us next week and we got the schedule for that right here. As this multiplayer beta event is going to take place, you cannot just jump in the middle just from whenever you want but have to maintain the time-table they set for the event. Thus, you will get a mass number of people joining over to the play at one time, just as they did for its predecessor. Splatoon 2: Global Testfire LIVE Even if you already have the schedule, do not forget to cross-check it for once more just in case. Splatoon Global Testfire US times Friday, March 24 Noon to 12:59 pm PT 8 to 8:59 pm PT Saturday, March 25 4 to 4:59 am PT Noon to 12:59 pm PT 8 to 8:59 pm PT Sunday, March 26 4 to 4:59 am PT Splatoon Global Testfire UK times Friday, March 24 19:00 to 19:59 GMT Saturday, March 25 03:00 to 03:59

Nintendo Switch Launch Decreases Porn Traffic

A sudden decrease in watching porn is caused by the release of Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild. Renowned video game company Nintendo has released their seventh major gaming console Nintendo Switch and a brand-new action-adventure title Breath of the Wild from the Legend of Zelda series for the newly introduced platform and Wii U on the same day, last week. Aside from being heavily praised worldwide by players and garnering acclaim from critics online, the console and game have accomplished another near-impossible feat; stopping people from watching porn. Nintendo Switch Launch Decreases Porn Traffic RELATED: Telltale’s Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy Listed for Nintendo Switch Recently, one of the most visited free pornographic video sharing sites on the internet, YouPorn has shared their anonymous analytical data claiming that they experienced a sudden drop in their traffic fell to 17%. It is quite regular for consumption rates to drop below average when

Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Trailer

BioWare 's upcoming action role-playing video game Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to be released within two weeks and gamers are being teased with many elements of the game every day, which makes the waiting even harder. But looks like the waiting part is gonna be over soon as BioWare and Electronic Arts has just dropped the official launch trailer for the game and it's spectacularly fantastic. Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Trailer If you have not checked out the clip yet, then here goes the official launch trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda for you. Enjoy! In this new chapter of Mass Effect , players will be taken to a voyage to the Andromeda galaxy as the Pathfinder to fight for a new home. Whatever they chose, as their course of action in that hostile environment will be deciding the fate of humanity, because, the dangerous new species of enemy, Archon, will not be showing any mercy or compassion towards us. Since Lieutenant Commander Shepard isn't

Overwatch Symmetra Fan Theory Confirmed By Blizzard

Aside from its insane popularity among fans, Blizzard Entertainment 's first-person multiplayer shooter video game Overwatch is renowned for its character diversity. The studio has thrown in every sort of multiplicity into the mix of 24 heroes so far, both sexual and racial. The developer studio has also went as far as putting some neurological differences like autism in the blend too, which fans have been speculating for quite some time now. Fan Theory on Symmetra Finally Confirmed Recently, a letter from game director of Overwatch , Jeff Kaplan to a recipient that was posted on Tumblr which has gone viral. In the letter, Kaplan specifically refers to radical hard-light technology using hero Symmetra, confirming her being autistic for the very first time. The Letter from Jeffrey Kaplan As there was a hint in the official Overwatch  comic-book series about Symmetra belonging to the neurological spectrum, Kaplan has come clear about it by finally confirming in tha

Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy Game Artwork Released

Last year, Telltale Games made an announcement about their upcoming gaming project with Marvel and soon it was revealed to be a Guardians of the Galaxy game. With the release date of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) , the highly anticipated sequel of its predecessor Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) , approaching, Telltale Games and Marvel Entertainment decided to speed things up and has dropped the first official artwork from upcoming Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series . Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Official Art 1 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Official Art 2 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Official Art 3 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Official Art 4 Gamers will have the chance to buy any single episodes they like or a season pass, which will be available on digital media and in retail stores. The first episode in the season will be included in