Blizzard Offers StarCraft For Free

It all started with a patch that was seen on Blizzard's FTP site but never made it live. Another version; patch 1.18 arrived after a while for the first time in the last eight years. Then, Blizzard Entertainment has finally unleashed the original StarCraft, for FREE. Now, anyone can enjoy the opportunity of playing the military science fiction real-time strategy video game on both Windows and Mac. You can now get your free game on the game’s official site easily. In addition, the game comes with loads of new updates which make the game quite easy to play.

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Later this summer, the free version will be out to play ahead of a Remastered version of the prototype of the original StarCraft. The Starcraft Remastered comes with full, interesting, cleaner graphics that will blow your mind. Another interesting fact is that players that has the original game and those with the upcoming Remastered edition will be lavished with the opportunity of playing each other in online multiplayer, thus, whether you wait for the 4k graphics or the old visuals, you don’t really have anything to lose. You will still enjoy the game regardless.

blizzard starcraft free
StarCraft Is Completely Free Now!

For those who are still scratching the back of their head, we think a brief sketch on the game's background is due here.

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Upon the games official release in 1998, StarCraft was bombarded with many critical acclaims, even calling it one of the best of all time. However, it remains indisputable that the game’s success could not at any time be predicted. The game later almost became a national sport in South Korea. Also, many TV channels, professional team of gamers gotten enveloped around the game. Whereas the game was just a PC bangs (as it was locally called) when the game gained its popularity.

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The new patch 1.18 is available on Windows 7, 10 and 8.1. This update also makes it compatible and playable on Mac Beta 10.11. Not just that anyway, the game has also updated its technicality as to how a modern gamer will expect it to be. You can now toggle full-screen windows mode and get the ultimate feature of an improved anti-cheat.
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