The King of Fighters XIV DLC Character Rock Howard

For over two decades The King of Fighters from developer SNK is considered one of the most popular of fighting games franchise there is. The latest addition to the series is The King of Fighters XIV, released for PlayStation 4 in 2016 and awaiting for PC release in June 15, 2017. The game previously added four downloadable characters; Whip, Ryuji Yamazaki and Vanessa as paid DLC content. Most recently, SNK has announced of bringing Rock Howard from the Fatal Fury series as a character DLC soon.

Rock Howard Character DLC

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As a courtesy of SNK, they even dropped a reveal trailer for Rock Howard's character, which you can check out right below.

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The trailer above showcases Rock's key fighting styles and depicts how efficient he is in versus fights. Avid fans of The King of Fighters spin-off Fatal Fury series knows that Rock Howard started kicking butt from the last chapter of that franchise, Garou: Mark of The Wolves which came out in 1999 and now is joining the action with the other fighters of KOF XIV. His mixed fighting style adapted from his crime lord father Geese Howard and mentor Terry Bogard evolved into a unique way of combat.

Rock Howard Joins King of Fighters XIV

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Both Terry and Geese’s styles of combat heavily reflects on moves Rock frequently uses against his opponents. Geese’s iconic move Raging Storm and Terry’s attack Crack Shoot has influenced his counter and reversal methods. As a result, Rock became a great next-generation of fighter representing both past and present in Garou: MOTW and KOF XIV. However, he prioritized simple and direct style adapted from his mentor for speed while discounting dominating manner of his father.

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Although Rock Howard was a bit frail figure compared to his other fellow brawlers in his debut on Garou, his newest rendition has removed that flaw and developers were very careful about character transitions from previous game to KOF XIV. This distinctive way for him truly stands out aside with his very own combat techniques. As he is joining the roster as the fourth fighter joining KOF XIV, the trailer does not give us any release date on Rock's character DLC.
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