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Minecraft: Dungeons Announced

A dungeon-crawling spin-off game of Minecraft for PC has recently been announced by developer Mojang. Creator of insanely popular sandbox video game Minecraft and Sweden-based developer/publisher studio Mojang has done the unthinkable with the above-mentioned game and now has announced a role-playing game set called Minecraft: Dungeons . As the namesake suggests, the game is inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and currently, the game is planned to release on 2019 for PC . Whether or not it will be launched on other consoles at any point is yet not confirmed. Minecraft: Dungeons Announced RELATED: Minecraft Movie Delayed as Director Exits Before we dive deep into any discussion, we encourage you to take a look at the announcement trailer they just released for the game. RELATED: Minecraft Nintendo Switch Cross-Play Just like any other typical titles from the genre, you are to get into one of these places as part of the embarked adventure and fight endless group

Rocksteady Rumored to Work on Justice League Game

New rumor suggests that Rocksteady Studios may actually be working on a Justice League game instead of Superman. If you have ever played any one of those action-adventure games from Batman: Arkham series by developer Rocksteady Studios and publisher WB Games , you will probably admit that they have redefined the superhero genre in video games with those titles. Which is why, people got a little bit excited when news of a new open world Superman game being in development by the same creators was leaked. However, some new rumors now suggest that they were actually working on a Justice League game. Rocksteady Rumored to Work on Justice League Game RELATED: Rocksteady Rumored to Announce Superman Game? When there was a buzz regarding a new Man of Steel game from Rocksteady , it was a natural flow among fans to be excited, because The Dark Knight received an acclaimed trilogy and some more. It is time for big blue to take the flight over Metropolis. The latest leak from

Amnesia: Collection on Xbox One Out Now

Elevating the atmosphere while playing on the element of horror, Amnesia: Collection launches on Xbox One. For long, survival horror titles of Amnesia from Frictional Games have been scaring the crap out of players on Linux , Mac , PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. Now owners of Microsoft consoles can join the parade of running scared as today, the game is released on Xbox One . Amnesia: Collection consisting The Dark Descent , the Justine expansion and A Machine for Pigs is currently available for only $26.99 for a limited time on store and then will be priced $29.99 for letting you enter the depths of horror. Amnesia: Collection on Xbox One Out Now RELATED: The Last of Us: Outbreak Day 2018 You take on the role of protagonist Daniel, who wakes up in a dark castle with a fearful atmosphere around and constantly being chased by shadowy apparitions. To save himself from these monsters he is constantly on run and that is the story of The Dark Descent . The Justine exp

Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. Release Date

Bethesda Softworks will let players journey to a dystopian future in Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. from October 23. We already know that post-apocalyptic action role-playing game Fallout 76 from Bethesda Softworks is being released worldwide for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 14, 2018 and a B.E.T.A. will be launched in sometime in October. They recently announced a date for the B.E.T.A. or "Break It Early Test Application" program to arrive on October 23 launching first exclusively on Microsoft console and then a week later in October 30, PC and PS4 players will join too. Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. Release Date RELATED: Fallout 76 Xbox One X Bundle Announced Prior to this event, developers released a new cinematic featuring the game's opening sequence and we have it for you right below. RELATED: Fallout 76 Anti-Bullying System To participate in beta testing, one need to pre-order the game and a account, since the game will not be lau

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Out Now

Sea of Thieves reaches a new region of The Devil’s Roar in the recent free update Forsaken Shores. We already have our first look of what developer Rare Studio and publisher Microsoft Studios cooked up in a latest free content for action-adventure title Sea of Thieves at Gamescom 2018 , which is coming soon as the biggest update for the game. Whether you already own the game or been accessing it using Xbox Game Pass , you don't need to spend a single dime to get this one. So, we guess there are no more excuses for fellow community members to set sail for more, exciting adventures. Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Out Now RELATED: Xbox Game Pass Adds Wolfenstein: The New Order and More Below is a video of all the details from release notes and watch British actor Matt Berry ( House of Fools , The Wrong Door ) filling you in with everything you need to know. RELATED: Xbox Live Gold Free Games for September 2018 Players of the game are beginning their journey

Castlevania Requiem Announced for PlayStation 4

Two legendary Castlevania games from Konami are heading to PS4 consoles soon as an exclusive collection. Castlevania Requiem Announced for PlayStation 4 Being adapted for a TV show on Netflix gave platform-adventure game series Castlevania a new hype. Two series protagonists; Richter and Simon Belmont joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as playable fighters also made fans very excited. An exclusive new collection, Castlevania Requiem has been revealed by developer/publisher Konami for PlayStation 4 console, featuring two classic titles will become available for digitally download on October 26, 2018 for $19.99 only. RELATED: PlayStation Plus Free Games for October 2018 Requiem collection will add Castlevania: Rondo of Blood from 1993 and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night from 1997. These two titles have interrelated characters and plot starring vampire hunter Richter Belmont and Dracula's son Alucard. Konami emulated these games for PS4 from originals with some newly ad

Xbox Live Gold Free Games for October 2018

October 2018 brings free games like Hitman: Blood Money and Stuntman: Ignition to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers. We have come to a finish line with September and all pumped up for a new lineup of free games for Xbox Live Gold for the subscribers on the month of October. All of these new titles from the list are up for Gold members to enjoy for a limited time. For Xbox One , two games are listed while the other two supports Xbox 360 platform but can still be played on Microsoft 's modern console using backward compatibility. If you still have some time left before September ends, you can access the free Games With Gold. Xbox Live Gold Free Games for October 2018 RELATED: Xbox Live Gold Free Games for September 2018 Before diving deep for more details, we want you to take a look at Games with Gold lineup on October 2018 for Xbox One . RELATED: Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. Release Date Overcooked! The very first pick for the month is a chaotic couch co-op cooking gam

Naughty Dog Celebrates The Last of Us: Outbreak Day 2018

Outbreak Day returns this year to celebrate the fifth anniversary of The Last of Us community of fans. Five years ago, a very different type of survival horror video game that has some action-adventure aspects in it, The Last of Us from developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Entertainment was released for PlayStation 3 and later for PlayStation 4 as The Last of Us Remastered . The studio later started celebrating Outbreak Day on September 26 every year and it became a popular tradition. To share the love and appreciation towards the community, Outbreak Day is back. Naughty Dog Celebrates The Last of Us: Outbreak Day 2018 RELATED: The Last of Us Part II Premiere Trailer This year marks the Fifth Anniversary of Outbreak Day and as always, the studio is here with content, merch and other special promotional materials from The Last of Us and upcoming sequel The Last of Us Part II , featuring in-game characters. First thing from that lineup is a brand-new poster insp

PlayStation Plus Free Games for October 2018

PlayStation Plus free games lineup has picked up Friday the 13th: The Game and Laser League for the month of October 2018. More than half the year is over and PlayStation Plus has been treating their fans with some really good games. In September, players had fun with online multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny 2 and action-adventure hack and slash game God of War III Remastered . By far, these two are the best ones PS Plus subscribers got their hands on throughout the entire year. We are nearly on the verge of October and Sony has released a new free games lineup for upcoming month. PlayStation Plus Free Games for October 2018 Let's take a quick look at the short clip below showcasing all the titles for October 2018 before we get into what is ahead of us in PS Plus lineup. Our first pick of the month is a survival horror title Friday the 13th: The Game from IllFonic and Gun Media . Up to seven players can take part in the game with one of them controll

Fortnite Cross-Play Beta Launched on PS4

Sony is finally bringing a beta cross-platform feature to PS4 today with free-to-play game Fortnite. For long Sony had this weird arrogance of not allowing cross-platform play with Microsoft and Nintendo console owners. Even after being relentlessly ridiculed by gamers from all around the world about it, they had been maintaining their stubborn take on cross-play. However, their policy has been reversed for good and today they announced of launching a Fortnite cross-platform beta. Now players owning a PlayStation 4 console can jump into adventure with fellow brethrens over Nintendo Switch , PC and Xbox One . Fortnite Cross-Play Beta Launched on PS4 RELATED: Nintendo Open to All Third-Party Games Cross-Play Back in June, when a version of Fortnite Battle Royale was released for Switch , players quickly discovered that their Epic Games account linked with PlayStation are being restricted to use, which has disappointed many and created a huge controversy overnight.

Xbox Game Pass Adds Wolfenstein: The New Order and More

As we approach towards October, games like Metro 2033 Redux and Wolfenstein: The New Order is added to Xbox Game Pass. The month of October is almost upon us and Xbox Game Pass update is revealed that is right around the corner for you to jump in for. The lineup for this month has some hot picks that players are going to love with 100 more great games for your subscription. The primary titles added for the members are already pretty exciting and we know that Microsoft is definitely going to add up more titles to keep you hooked. Your access to these games starts right from the first day of October. Xbox Game Pass Adds Wolfenstein: The New Order and More RELATED: Fallout 76 Xbox One X Bundle Announced If you got a knack for racing games, then you will have something to keep yourself busy with and you are getting your hands on it right on the day of its global release. Then you got some mix of action-adventure with the thrill of first-person shooter as well. It simply d

Telltale Games Sued for Breaking Labor Laws

Former Telltale Games employee files lawsuit against the company for violating California’s state labor laws. Last week, we came to know that video game developer/publisher Telltale Games is going out of business and this tragic event hit everyone pretty hard; especially the 250 employees they have laid off without any prior notice or any form of severance for their relentless services. What comes after this shocking news is that one of their former employees, who got laid off during this closure event decided to sue the company in a class-action lawsuit for violating labor laws of California. Telltale Games Sued for Breaking Labor Laws RELATED: Telltale Games to Shut Down This Monday, Vernie Roberts have submitted the lawsuit in the federal court of San Francisco on behalf of himself and his fellow workers who got laid-off. He said, the employees were fired without a proper cause or any advance written notice in the complaint, violating the WARN Act. Worker Adjustment

Telltale May Finish The Walking Dead After All

Telltale’s The Walking Dead might have a chance to see The Final Season of its long-running series. Although developer/publisher Telltale Games has worked on games like Batman , Game of Thrones , Guardians of the Galaxy , they made a reputation for their critically acclaimed episodic adventure game series Telltale’s The Walking Dead . Entire fan-base of the series was shocked a few days back when they announced to shut down studio and abandon The Final Season with only one episode released. Today, a new Tweet from their official account has raised new hope to a possible closure. Telltale May Finish The Walking Dead After All RELATED: Telltale Games to Shut Down The statement Telltale has released is not a solid promise but apparently, several of their partners have come forward to help finish the project. — Telltale Games (@telltalegames) September 24, 2018 RELATED: Humble One Special Day Bundle 2018 The Walking Dead under Telltale

Telltale's Stranger Things Game Footage Leaked

With Telltale Games shutting down, footage from their Stranger Things video game has recently been leaked online. When video game developer and publisher Telltale Games officially announced for a closure last week, everyone from the industry was struck in awe. Employees were laid off without pay and fans were upset because many of their favorite title will get canned. Many highly-anticipating projects such as The Walking Dead: The Final Season and The Wolf Among Us Season 2 got cancelled as well as a Stranger Things game, which has some early footage leaked online recently. Telltale's Stranger Things Game Footage Leaked RELATED: Telltale Games to Shut Down Previously Netflix has revealed their association with Telltale to produce a licensed game based on the popular sci-fi drama series Stranger Things from their streaming platform back in June. During the studio ending decision, the project was inevitably cancelled. After firing most of their workers, the stu