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Rocksteady Rumored to Work on Justice League Game

New rumor suggests that Rocksteady Studios may actually be working on a Justice League game instead of Superman.

If you have ever played any one of those action-adventure games from Batman: Arkham series by developer Rocksteady Studios and publisher WB Games, you will probably admit that they have redefined the superhero genre in video games with those titles.

Which is why, people got a little bit excited when news of a new open world Superman game being in development by the same creators was leaked. However, some new rumors now suggest that they were actually working on a Justice League game.

justice league rocksteady video game rumor
Rocksteady Rumored to Work on Justice League Game

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When there was a buzz regarding a new Man of Steel game from Rocksteady, it was a natural flow among fans to be excited, because The Dark Knight received an acclaimed trilogy and some more. It is time for big blue to take the flight over Metropolis.

The latest leak from image-based online bulletin board 4chan suggests inclusion of Gotham, Metropolis, Keystone and a few other cities. The previously revealed poster of Superman fueled the spark only for a job listing for a "highly-anticipated AAA title" to arrive shortly and make everyone go crazy.

justice league new 52 dc comics
Justice League Team-Up

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Apparently, what they are working on is either titled Justice League: Crisis, Justice League: New Crisis or Justice League: Infinite Crisis. Our best bet is on the first one because the domain is currently registered with Warner Bros.

While we can debate some more on what the title is going to be, the developers are working with all of their efforts to reveal the game on 2019. Even though they are making a Justice League game now, it appears that Rocksteady always had the plan to do this. But how can we be so sure?

justice league starro the conqueror dc comics
Starro, Justice League's First Villain

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In Arkham Knight, there is an episode titled "Batgirl: A Matter of Family" featuring Batgirl that takes place before the events of Arkham Asylum. It has a hidden Easter Egg of the villain Starro, who remains encased in a giant test tube, which cannot be broken.

You can take a look at the video below to check out for yourself how the alien conqueror lays waiting to take over on a later time.

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Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Wally West as Flash, Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman will most likely be among playable characters. Starro appearing through Easter Egg also means that they will also be in the early years of their careers.

The leak mentioned about releasing frequent DLC content in episodic style and some of the future DLC may end up adding villains like Brainiac or Darkseid. The information mentioned on the job listing regarding next-gen consoles may even hint that it will debut on the new Microsoft and Sony consoles in 2019.