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Can You Beat First Boss Genichiro Ashina in Sekiro?

What really happens when you actually managed to defeat first boss Genichiro Ashina in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice?

Newly released action-adventure game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice by developer From Software and publisher Activision for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has gained universal acclaim for its unique aesthetics that sets it apart from Dark Souls series.

Its initial quote unquote boss-battle has some lasting ramifications for our titular hero, which is supposed to end in his defeat and build pathway for a journey he takes later on but do we know, what would really happen if he happens to stand victorious?

sekiro shadows die twice genichiro ashina first boss
Can You Beat First Boss Genichiro Ashina in Sekiro?


Immediately after release, Sekiro made a reputation of being brutally hard and has some punishing boss fights to deal with. People are dying more than twice in attempts to figure out a way to kill them or just simply getting used to gameplay mechanics.

From what early marketing campaign has fetched to us, it appears that lead protagonist Wolf had his arm severed by a samurai and later discovered it to have been replaced with a Shinobi prosthetic by an unknown sculptor who revived him.

sekiro shadows die twice genichiro ashina first boss beaten
Genichiro Ashina Defeated

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So, our elder ninja is somewhat pre-destined to lose his left arm following an unfortunate battle with the samurai antagonist who is better known as, Genichiro Ashina because it is significantly important for rest of the story to progress on a certain path.

However, defeating Genichiro in combat is entirely possible if you are a master of swordplay but Sekiro is eventually fated to lose limb to him during that prologue fight. Only good takeaway we get from this is that From Software doesn't force you to submission.

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Below is a video from YouTube channel Boss Fight Database that displays the outcome of defeating the game's first boss.

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Sekiro losing his arm in a battle against Genchiro Ashina could have been easily played out through an in-game cut-scene. Yet developers have you played out the entire section by yourself and have the same outcome anyway.

This way, even an inevitable event gives you some sense of accomplishment when it is made playable and players can feel even more connected to the plot that is built over Sekiro's vengeance over Ashina clan for kidnapping his master.

sekiro shadows die twice first boss genichiro ashina
Ashina Strikes Back!

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According to global achievement list on Steam, only 46% of players have managed to defeat Genichiro Ashina so far. This is very much possible due to many casual players joining in for some fun and then quitting after a short while.

Those who have already given up shortly after beginning or have continued regardless should know that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice intends to test your ability to master new skills and getting good at them over time above all.