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Xbox Live Gold Free Games for July 2019

Members of Xbox Live Gold service will get their hands on free games like Castlevania: SOTN and Inside on July 2019. Another free games lineup of Xbox Live Gold monthly subscription service is revealed days ahead of July 2019 for valued members within Xbox community to enjoy four new titles from different genre over Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. Powered by an advanced multiplayer service, two of these games are somewhat relatively new title and the other two are included via backward compatibility to infuse pure dose of nostalgia from golden age of gaming into our minds. Xbox Live Gold Free Games for July 2019 RELATED: Crackdown 3 Flying High Update Live Now Inside Wandering around in a dark dystopian world on his own, Inside is a puzzle-platformer adventure game by developer/publisher Playdead that focuses on the journey of a young boy amidst a mind-controlled populace. A critically-acclaimed title for a unique story setup that is complimented by a simplified g

Crackdown 3 Flying High Update Live Now

Microsoft Studios released free campaign update "Flying High" for Crackdown 3 on PC and Xbox One. After three years of delay, action-adventure game Crackdown 3 eventually came out back in February for PC and Xbox One . Even though it has lost initial hype around pretty soon but the game is receiving free content updates regularly. After getting series of changes via Extra Edition free update last month, a slew of new features have already arrived this month in "Flying High" update to arm you with tool of destruction to cause some more havoc when you are at work. Crackdown 3 Flying High Update Live Now RELATED: Apex Legends Season 2 Launch Trailer Crackdown 3 free Flying High campaign update brings in new achievement and gadgets into its open-world gameplay. RELATED: Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay Contest Announced Agents are now capable of flying with new addition of Agency Wingsuit to attack enemies from up above or reaching new heights. You can a

Hunt: Showdown Leaving Early Access

Spending more than a year in Early Access program, Hunt: Showdown gets full release for PC and Xbox One in August 2019. After spending slightly more than a year on Early Access program of Steam and a few months on Xbox Game Preview , survival horror first-person shooter Hunt: Showdown is finally seeing full release on August 20, 2019 for PC and Xbox One . By fall 2019, developer/publisher Crytek is also planning on launching this bounty hunting multiplayer shooter on PlayStation 4 . Koch Media is partnering up with them for worldwide distribution of physical edition aside from digital release. Hunt: Showdown Leaving Early Access RELATED: Hunt: Showdown Out On Xbox Game Preview Back in February 2018, competitive bounty hunting title Hunt entered Early Access phase on Steam and May 2019 on Game Preview for Xbox consoles, which helped developer team to receive community feedback and work on features. During this period, Crytek has deployed a series of patches

Apex Legends Season 2 Launch Trailer

Respawn releases official launch trailer for free-to-play battle royale shooter title Apex Legends Season 2. Although mech Titans are not coming anytime soon to Titanfall series spin-off and free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends , they sure will be featuring some new surprises for players in upcoming Season 2 when it launches on July 2. Today, developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts released a new trailer video for upcoming season that is titled "Battle Charge", which probably teases at a new Legend and environmental hazards into the arena. Apex Legends Season 2 Launch Trailer RELATED: Last Day of June Free on Epic Games Store Now Brand-new Season 2 official launch trailer for Apex Legends showcase overhaul Respawn has in store for players. RELATED: Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Reveals Armin Titan The trailer opens up with Bangalore, Caustic, Gibraltar, Mirage, Octane and Wattson chasing each other on King's Cany

Final Fantasy TV Series Confirmed

A live-action Final Fantasy TV series is currently in works at Sony and production company behind Netflix's The Witcher. A live-action TV series based on popular science fantasy role-playing Final Fantasy video game series is now in works at Sony Pictures Television in association with developer/publisher Square Enix and production company Hivemind . Dinesh Shamdasani ( Bloodshot , Eternal Warrior ), Jason F. Brown ( Ben-Hur , The Expanse ) and Sean Daniel ( The Mummy , The Scorpion King ) will be producing on behalf of Hivemind , which is currently working on Netflix's The Witcher . Final Fantasy TV Series Confirmed RELATED: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Announced A completely original story set within world of Eorzea from Final Fantasy XIV will serve as premise for this upcoming show. Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton will be writing scripts and also be serving role of executive producers. Though specific plot details are yet not revealed, the show will focus

Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay Contest Announced

CD Projekt Red has announced official cosplay contest for Cyberpunk 2077 worth $40K prize pool. If people already weren't hyped enough for upcoming role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 from developer/publisher CD Projekt Red , actor Keanu Reeves ( Constantine , The Matrix ) intensified it sky high by appearing at Xbox E3 2019 press event. Too make it even bigger than it already is, CDPR has just announced an official cosplay contest based on their anticipated story-driven RPG with a total prize pool $40,000 that will conclude in 2020 through a Grand Finale event live. Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay Contest Announced RELATED: Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal Anyone interested to participate will have to design a costume or getup based on a character that already exists within fictional universe of Cyberpunk and was shown in any official materials like poster, screenshots or even trailer. Very soon, there will be an official cosplay guide on their official website to help con

Last Day of June Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store gives up puzzle adventure game Last Day of June for free on their weekly games giveaway. During their first-ever mega sale online, Epic Games have decided to shift into a weekly schedule for giving out free games on their digital distribution platform Epic Games Store and decided to continue that anyway even when it's over. This week, critically-acclaimed adventure puzzle game Last Day of June is available for free to claim with a free Epic Store account and add to your library forever but you have to do that before July 4, 7:59 PM PT/10:59 PM EST. Last Day of June Free on Epic Games Store Now RELATED: Shenmue 3 Epic Store Exclusivity Creates Kickstarter Controversy EGS has brought to you an interactive tale of Carl and June, in association with developer studio Ovosonico and publisher 505 Games . In a cinematic experience, Carl would embark a journey to save June's life by going through a series of events. Players go back in time before a

PlayStation Plus Free Games for July 2019

PlayStation Plus free games lineup will feature Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo for the month of July 2019. Already halfway through this year, we are looking forward to Sony Entertainment coming up with some more lineups of free PlayStation 4 games for their PlayStation Plus monthly subscribers that actually offers them a good time. Members of PS Plus had their hands on first-person shooter Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and platform game Sonic Mania last month. A look ahead at upcoming listing suggests that July 2019 is going to be a sport themed month. PlayStation Plus Free Games for July 2019 Step into Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 , a football simulation game from a long-running franchise by developer PES Productions and publisher Konami to feel the thrill of international soccer competition at your own home with your favorite players. Some of real-world top licensed leagues are featured in PES 2019 but players can always choose to pursue

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Adds Armin Colossal Titan

New details on Season 3 content added to Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle like Armin Titan is revealed by Koei Tecmo. Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Adds Armin Colossal Titan Merely a few days ahead of its release on July 5 for Nintendo Switch , PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , developer Omega Force and publisher Koei Tecmo reveals all-new content details for upcoming Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle . Final Battle is arriving as an upgrade to action hack and slash game AOT2 and a massive expansion, which is based on popular AOT anime, covering chapters from manga and seasons from ongoing TV series up to Season 3, Part 2. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOR ATTACK ON TITAN SEASON 3. Featuring actions from original Funimation series, new teaser trailer below focuses on Armin Titan for Final Battle . RELATED: Diablo: Hellfire Expansion Free on GOG To capture original heart-pounding action, developers are working closely with series creators

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Extended Gameplay Demo

Respawn reveals an extended version of E3 2019 gameplay demo video for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Though first gameplay footage for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been revealed earlier at E3 2019 event, developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts actually showed an extended cut to press behind closed doors. Now that E3 press conference is finally wrapped up, Respawn decides to showcase that lengthy segment of Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay walkthrough to public with a 26-minute long video to offer a more in-depth look at challenges and combat system. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Extended Gameplay Demo RELATED: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Teased Ride along with lone Jedi Cal Kestis in this newly released Fallen Order gameplay video in his war against Galactic Empire. RELATED: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Revealed Instead of starting his journey by meeting with rebel extremist Saw Gerrera ( Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ), we see protago

Samurai Shodown 2019 for Consoles Out Now

Sword-based fighting game Samurai Shodown 2019 from SNK Corporation is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. A much-awaited reboot to return to its legendary series roots, sword-based fighting game Samurai Shodown (2019) from developer/publisher SNK Corporation is launching today worldwide on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . Not only has the title shifted from 2D graphics sprites to 3D animation renders but swordplay combat has been revamped as well. Most importantly, the franchise never disappoints when it comes to bring hardcore blood and gore on screen. Samurai Shodown 2019 for Consoles Out Now RELATED: New Samurai Shodown Game Revealed In an attempt to make players rely on precision and not on button mashing spree, "Combo" system has been removed. However, classic elements of Rage Gauge mechanic still allow you to inflict bonus attack damage on your opponents. There is a Dojo Mode for players to hone their skills before jumping into any multiplayer matches. Th

Hitman 2: New York DLC Out Now

As part of Expansion Pass, first post-launch sandbox location for Hitman 2 takes Agent 47 to New York for new mission. Agent 47 comes to visit New York as a brand-new sandbox location has now been added to first expansion pack of stealth action-adventure game Hitman 2 by developer IO Interactive and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment . Available from today on PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , this first post-launch content update also includes a new mission "The Bank". Owners of Expansion Pass or Expansion Pack 1 can get in to access new unlocks on completing challenges. Hitman 2: New York DLC Out Now RELATED: Hitman 2 Out Now In a new trailer, Agent 47 goes to a bank in New York location using a disguise to complete a mission at hand. RELATED: Hitman 2 Ghost Mode Gameplay Reveal While in New York, players are to pay visit to Golden Handshake bank to complete newest campaign mission. Contracts Mode will be applicable for The Bank for

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Out Now

Kart racing game Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled from Beenox and Activision is now available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. An original PlayStation classic kart racing game from 1999 by developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Entertainment , Crash Team Racing Remastered releases today on Nintendo Switch , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . In an attempt to launch on modern-day gaming platforms, developer Beenox and publisher Activision has completely reworked the game from ground up titled as Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Out Now RELATED: PlayStation State of Play March 2019 CTR is back in all-new glory of HD makeover including 18 tracks with 13 additional ones to go crazy on road. Fan-favorite Adventure, Arcade, Battle and Time Trial modes are all back to keep its core experience intact for fans and newcomers. Aside from Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco, a total of 15 playable characters are

Gears 5 Won't Have Season Pass

Coalition will not feature loot boxes or a Season Pass for their upcoming cover-based shooter game Gears 5. Following a spectacular show at E3 2019 press conference, developer studio The Coalition and publisher Xbox Game Studios announced that upcoming third-person shooter game Gears 5 will be launching on September 10, 2019. Apparently, they have more plans to bring change to business model of this highly anticipated title from Gears of War franchise and one of their recent statement revealed that Coalition is getting rid of all Gear Packs and Season Passes . Gears 5 Won't Have Season Pass RELATED: Gears 5 Release Date In an attempt to focus on player experience, developers are making all DLC maps free and you can always earn some exclusive customization items. Escape and Versus mode will not only give you direct rewards but leaderboard placements as well. By playing Tour of Duty, you earn character skins and other stuff to customize for completing daily cha

Rebel Galaxy Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store offers PC version of space combat simulation game Rebel Galaxy in their weekly giveaway of free games. Although Epic Games initially announced to giveaway one free games each two weeks on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store at launch, they wanted to double down and go weekly during their first major sale last month. This week, space adventure game Rebel Galaxy from developer/publisher Double Damage Games is up for anyone to claim from Epic Store with a free account before June 27, 7:59 PM PT/10:59 PM EST to own it forever in your collection. Rebel Galaxy Free on Epic Games Store Now RELATED: Hades: The High Speed Update Live Now Players will be exploring uncharted routes of space and engage into action-packed combat against pirates. Wandering around a randomly generated in-game world, you will come across friendly aliens and be scrapping for wreckage. Despite having a core narrative, you are allowed to walk your own path as you see f

Dead by Daylight Adds Ghost Face DLC

In a newest DLC for Dead by Daylight, Ghost Face from Scream movie series joins as brand-new Killer. In an asymmetric survival horror setup, Dead by Daylight from developer Behaviour Interactive pits four players against one playing as a savage killer in an online multiplayer match to try and survive their way out of getting slaughtered. To add more tension for survivors to its already intense atmosphere, brand-new killers from pop culture are often added to it. Today, iconic slayer character Ghost Face from 90's slasher movie series Scream has joined the party. Dead by Daylight Adds Ghost Face DLC RELATED: Xbox Game Pass to Add Resident Evil: Revelations and More Behaviour Interactive released a behind-the-scenes footage for their latest addition to 4v1 survival horror title DBD . RELATED: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne PS4 Beta Release Date Introduced through a new DLC chapter, this creepy stalker specializes on prying on its prey and then strikes the

Vigor Update 0.9: Aid Comes to Xbox One

Update 0.9: Aid is coming to upcoming free-to-play loot shooter survival game Vigor in July for Xbox One. Currently looking forward to a summer 2019 release window, developer/publisher Bohemia Interactive has been working on improving experience for their upcoming free-to-play loot shooter game Vigor on Xbox One platform. Available via Xbox Game Preview program, developers are planning to drop one last major content update before launch. Bohemia will be rolling out Update 0.9: Aid in this July and offers an early closer look at what's coming. Vigor Update 0.9: Aid Comes to Xbox One RELATED: Xbox Game Pass to Add Resident Evil: Revelations and More Developers are keeping tabs on community feedback and responding to reports of unsteady shooting, they improved its gunplay. Now that it has been patched, you should be having more fun with your weapons at hand and rely on them more. Some animations and interactions are also reworked as to go with more weapons configu

Xbox Game Pass to Add Resident Evil: Revelations and More

Nearing end of June 2019, new games like Goat Simulator, Resident Evil: Revelations and more are coming to Xbox Game Pass. We are just out of E3 2019 with exciting news like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate announcement and beta launch of Xbox Game Pass for PC , both available to try out by spending as low as only $1 to get access to over 100 great games. Still a week or so left for June 2019 to end and Xbox Game Pass brings a few more titles to help you enjoy passing that time. Some of these games listed below will be playable on PC , some on Xbox and then one on both platforms. Xbox Game Pass to Add Resident Evil: Revelations and More RELATED: Xbox Game Pass to Add Metal Gear Survive, Outer Wilds and More Goat Simulator Hop into a third-person perspective action game by developer/publisher Coffee Stain Studios where you assume the role of a goat and try to solve every problem by simply head butting it, which is a pretty good way to have some nonsensical fun. Playing as