Thursday, August 29, 2019

Celeste and Inside Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is offering two new indie games Celeste and Inside for PC in free giveaway this week.

On yet another week of free games giveaway program by Epic Games at their digital distribution outlet, players are getting two titles on PC platform without spending a dime that they can keep into their collection forever.

Two critically-acclaimed indie platformer titles Celeste and Inside has made their way to this week's Epic Games Store lineup for freebies that anyone can claim with a free account right now until September 5, 7:59 AM PT/10:59 AM EDT.

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Celeste and Inside Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Celeste focuses on a young adventurer named Madeline, who attempts to climb the titular mountain despite warning from a local woman. There, she sees a dark reflection of her and is swayed away by various challenges not to continue.

Both developed and published by Matt Makes Games in 2018, this indie smash-hit has been awarded "Best Independent Game" for its beautifully designed 2D in-game world and responsive gameplay at The Game Awards 2018.

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Then puzzle-platformer game Inside comes from indie developer/publisher Playdead and is about a boy wandering in a dystopian world. As a spiritual successor to Limbo from 2010, it adapts a 2.5D gameplay for immersive experience.

Despite belonging to a side-scrolling puzzle genre, elements of the game are designed to give away a horror movie vibe at times. Inside has won in "Best Art Direction" and "Best Independent Game" category at The Game Awards 2016.

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Epic Games Store has determined to sell these two games on their storefront for $7.99 only in regular retail price. One of the free games for this week has a mature rating and if you miss that for Parental Controls feature, you can still have another.

Next week, players on PC platforms are getting two more free titles; ABZU and The End is Nigh on EGS once again. They will become available from September 5 and would only require a free Epic Games account to add to your library.