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Resident Evil Project Resistance Announced

Capcom to reveal new Resident Evil game titled "Project Resistance" ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Earlier this month, developer/publisher Capcom invited U.S. based testers for a new game from their popular survival horror series Resident Evil without hinting whether it is a remake of Resident Evil 3 or just Resident Evil 8.

After launching an official teaser website recently, Capcom announces to reveal a new Resident Evil project titled Project Resistance for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 9, shortly before Tokyo Game Show 2019.

resident evil project resistance game capcom tokyo game show 2019
Resident Evil Project Resistance Announced

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On set date for next month, they will premiere the trailer at 8:00 AM PDT and attendees will be able to view it on Capcom booth. For Japan only, interested individuals will be given chance to test playing but would require early registrations.

Information on Project Resistance is pretty scarce and yet a Reddit user was able to grab a few thumbnails from a YouTube livestream link that are claimed to be from upcoming teaser trailer but they are not large enough to get a clear visual.

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Twitter user Nibel has managed to get those screenshots and then posted them later on social media.

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Aside from these stills being taken from a live-action video, all we can guess for now is that it will most probably be a four player co-op multiplayer game like Left 4 Dead and maybe a spin-off title like Resident Evil Outbreak from 2003.

Capcom has not cleared out anything about Project Resistance and given how Resident Evil has become their best-selling franchise by shipping 90 million units so far, maybe they are trying out something new other than survival horror genre.