Monday, September 9, 2019

Resident Evil Project Resistance Teaser

Capcom debuts new teaser trailer for upcoming Resident Evil expeience "Project Resistance" before Tokyo Game Show 2019.

At the end of last month, developer/publisher Capcom teased of a brand-new Resident Evil project titled Project Resistance an official website and announced to reveal more details at Tokyo Game Show 2019, on September 9.

Many have deemed that something similar to Resident Evil Outbreak may be in works and we are still due a full release title. Shortly ahead of TGS 2019, an official teaser is just dropped for an upcoming survival horror experience.

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Here is a brief look at newly released cinematic trailer of upcoming team-based survival horror Project Resistance.

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The beginning of the video shows off a mystery man from shadows walking into some sort of control room. He observes four youngsters entering a large room which is part of a secret laboratory that is likely belong to Umbrella Corporation.

They move to a warehouse like area and the mystery man starts releasing a number of Zombies on them to see if they survive. Working together as a team, these four have managed to put them all down, including a rabid Licker.

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Just as they were trying to catch a breath afterwards, a giant door in front of them opens to reveal the infamous Tyrant known as Mr. X standing thereby and the guy puts two mechanical gauntlets in his hands, asserting full control over it.

This could very well be that premise of this new game is set during Raccoon City outbreak event from Resident Evil 2. Mr. X in Project Resistance trailer looks awfully similar to recently released RE2Make and Albert Wesker might be the mystery man.

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In early August, Capcom sent invitations to U.S. based members of RE Ambassadors program to test a new game from Resident Evil series and it pretty much fits the description other than Resident Evil 3 Remake or Resident Evil 8.

Project Resistance from Resident Evil series is going to release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Registered attendees from Japan who would show up at Capcom booth in Tokyo Game Show 2019 will get some glimpse at gameplay.