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Apex Legends Season 3 Live Now

Respawn sets a collision course for Season 3 of free-to-play battle royale shooter game Apex Legends, live now.

Even before Season 3 of free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends could go live on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, new legend Crypto was revealed by developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts.

Now that its third and biggest season has already gone live, a fresh new Battle Pass with unique rewards has come out. Aside from regular balance works and bug fixes, players are getting new Legend, a brand-new map and weapons.

apex legends season 3 live pc ps4 xb1 crypto respawn entertainment electronic arts
Apex Legends Season 3 Live Now

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Watch out Legends dropship their way to World's Edge of Talos in the cinematic launch trailer for Meltdown.

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Armed with a Charge Rifle, Crypto has entered the fray of battle royale and this newest Legend is a skilled hacker. One of his main ability is scanning nearby area with surveillance drone to look for enemies and get a view of their position.

Whenever his drones spot opponents, they marked for him and his allies to see to give them an edge in battle. Crypto is designed to be a support character and his ultimate ability is an EMP blast from his drone to neutralize enemy and traps.

apex legends season 3 live pc ps4 xb1 crypto charge rifle respawn entertainment electronic arts
Crypto's Charge Rifle

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Legends are all gathered on a new arena called World's Edge, which a rocky, volcanic zone and second map of Apex Legends. Its environment is a mix of fire and ice as an obvious ode to current season title Meltdown.

There are more than 100 exclusive items in Season 3 Battle Pass that includes Apex coins, legendary skins and XP boosts. Ranked mode begins a new series to show off your skills and only a few minor changes were made.

apex legends season 3 new map world's edge pc ps4 xb1 crypto respawn entertainment electronic arts
Welcome to World's Edge

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Face your legendary opponents to earn glory of battle in daily and weekly challenges on a brand-new map. Even if you miss out a few challenges, you can still catch up to them shortly afterwards and level up by completing them all.

Titanfall series spin-off title Apex Legends from is building its own legacy with new characters and their unique lore. Some of these characters may even make it to Titanfall 3, when Respawn will eventually start working on the game.