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Next Up Hero and Tacoma Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games is giving away PC version of Next Up Hero and Tacoma for this week on Epic Games Store.

As a brilliant marketing strategy to grow their customer base, Epic Games started a trend of giving out at least one free game every week for PC platform on Epic Games Store and intends to keep up their promise throughout 2020.

Epic Store is currently giving away 2018 action game Next Up Hero and 2017 adventure title Tacoma this week that you can claim with a free account to add to your online library anytime before July 30, 8:00 AM PT/10:00 AM EDT.

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Next Up Hero and Tacoma Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Inviting players into a new type of dungeon crawler, Next Up Hero from Digital Continue and Aspyr Media features hand-drawn characters that you can pick to go on quests though hack and slash action until you reach out max stats.

Explore an abandoned, seemingly-empty space station in Tacoma by developer/publisher Fullbright as main character Amy, who is aided by an AI companion to solve mysteries about an unknown crisis its crew-members have faced.

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Although one of the draft from today's freebie lineup has a pending rating on EGS and can be blocked out by Parental Controls feature. So, a second title was added to balance that out for everyone out there, including minor audiences.

Epic Games Store will be offering three lesser known titles for giveaway next week; 20XX, Barony and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery from three different indie developer studios, which will become available on July 30, 2020.