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Watch Dogs: Legion Gets Called Out for Holocaust Quote Misuse

Ubisoft gets called out for reusing a famous Holocaust quote to promote upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion.

After postponing a number of anticipated titles last year, developer/publisher Ubisoft returned with a gameplay overview of upcoming open-world hacking adventure game Watch Dogs: Legion this year at Ubisoft Forward event earlier.

Shortly after premiering a short film for WD: Legion titled "Tipping Point" at UbiForward event, Ubisoft starts getting called out and receiving heavy criticism from fans for using a modified version of Holocaust quote in the cinematic trailer.

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Watch Dogs: Legion Gets Called Out for Holocaust Quote Misuse

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Fans watching the livestream were left in shock and awe when they witnessed Ubisoft slightly altered Holocaust quote in a short cinematic directed by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse art director Alberto Mielgo to promote WD: Legion.

Original quote of "First they came…" was written by a German citizen and Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller, who was a supporter of Third Reich at first but came to regret his decision in later years and even started opposed Nazi beliefs.

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Niemöller wrote a post-war confession acknowledging cowardice of German intellectuals back then, including him. A tailored version of the poem that fits modern-day premise was recently used in a short-film based on Watch Dogs: Legion.

Since no themes of Holocaust or Nazi occupation of any sorts is adapted into Legion, it was an uncalled move for Ubisoft to include these elements into marketing materials for a product even if their sole intention was to pay homage.

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Have a look back at Watch Dogs: Legion short film "Tipping Point" by Emmy award winner Alberto Mielgo.

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Ubisoft is already dealing with a number of allegations over sexual misconduct by some high-profile executives and while struggling with an abusive workplace culture, they need to pay more attention to how they market their games.

Watch Dogs: Legion sets on a premise of dystopian London authorities misusing power but given ties of Holocaust quote to darkest hour of human history, Ubisoft should've skipped using Niemöller's work to promote their big-budget game.