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The Medium Gameplay Overview

Bloober Team reveals brand-new gameplay overview trailer for The Medium, showing dual-reality system and The Maw.

the medium dual reality gameplay overview trailer the maw xbox series s/x exclusive psychological horror game marianne bloober team
The Medium Gameplay Overview

Because of ongoing global situation for COVID-19 pandemic, developer/publisher Bloober Team had to delay release of upcoming highly-anticipated psychological horror title The Medium for PC and Xbox Series X/S to January 28, 2021.

Weeks ahead of launch, Bloober Team offers an extended look at The Medium gameplay in a newly released trailer, featuring lead character Marianne going through a number of ominous events as she walks into two plane of reality.

The Medium showcases its various unique gameplay features in about 15-minutes long of latest footage.

Marianne is the titular Medium goes to investigate a haunted hotel where she came across an apparition of a little girl named Sadness. She was looking for a guy called Thomas and gets into an elevator when she is invited to second floor.

From here on, dual-reality gameplay system takes over as she walks into real and spirit world at the same time via split-screen. Marianne had an out-of-body experience as an alternative to go out when her elevator got stuck at one point.

She uses a few of her psychic abilities to overcome threats by either projecting a Spirit Shield to protect her or using Spirit Blasts for attack. She was seen to solve a mystery by finding part of a missing soul for a little boy to send him away.

Marianne had a brief encounter with main antagonist The Maw, voiced by Troy Baker (Death Stranding, The Last of Us). It eventually starts chasing her relentlessly and can travel between both realities to locate and hunt down its prey.

Though an original IP, idea for The Medium largely came from Silent Hill franchise by Japanese developer/publisher Konami. Franchise composer Akira Yamaoka was even assigned by Bloober Team to score alongside Arkadiusz Reikowski.

The Medium is an ambitious Xbox Series X/S console exclusive that unfortunately missed out its holiday 2020 launch window. By placing a pre-order on Steam, you can receive an official digital artbook and original soundtracks by Reikowski.