Capcom to Launch Resident Evil Online Portal in Early 2021

An online portal for Resident Evil series fans will be launched by Capcom in early 2021, ahead of Resident Evil: Village release.

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Capcom to Launch Resident Evil Online Portal in Early 2021

In early 2021, developer/publisher Capcom plans to launch a brand-new website dedicated to Resident Evil franchise where players can interact in community forums, news on upcoming releases and more from one official source.

Due to increasing popularity and record-breaking sales number in recent years, Capcom wants to assemble Biohazard Club96, Resident Evil Ambassador Program, and other sites dedicated to RE at one digital space.

Fans are eagerly awaiting release of upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil: Village, next installment of Capcom's flagship series. A few more Resident Evil projects are likely to be under development and would be revealed later.

Set to launch next year, Capcom originally announced Resident Evil: Village during PlayStation 5 digital event back in June 2020. Earlier last month, plot premise and release date for RE: Village was leaked in a major ransomware attack.

Capcom's latest approach for Resident Evil 3 Remake was a blunder compared to Resident Evil 2 Remake. Various reports claim that modern-day remake of Resident Evil 4 is currently at works but there is no official confirmation so far.

Resident Evil Online Portal is likely to be up and running ahead of Resident Evil: Village's global launch early next year. Recent leak hints at its arrival on April 2021, including a number of titles that are currently set to be released soon.
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