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The Lion's Song Free on Epic Games Store Now

Explore a narrative adventure of 20th century as Epic Games Store is giving away The Lion's Song this week.

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The Lion's Song Free on Epic Games Store Now

Even after two consecutive years of run, Epic Games continues to give away free PC games on digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store since 2018 to invite more people to their platform as part of an ongoing promotional campaign.

Epic Store is currently offering PC version of The Lion's Song for free that anyone can claim this week with an EGS storefront account and keep a copy to themselves forever for a very limited time until May 20, 8:00 AM PT/11:00 AM EDT.

A narrative adventure game from developer/publisher Mi'pu'mi Games that expands onto four unique episodes, The Lion's Song takes place in early 20th century Austria focusing on a variety of different characters of exceptional talent.

Indie studio Mi'pu'mi Games adopts an art style using sprites to depict the emotional journey of all four characters; young musician Wilma, aspiring artist Franz Markert, mathematician Emma Recniczek and a mysterious stranger on train.

The Lion's Song peeks behind personal struggles of a number of creative persons and how they all manage find inspiration for themselves. Each character makes distinct choice that eventually have an overall impact on complete storyline.

Epic Games Store has yet to announce what title will be on their freebie giveaway for next week and there is nothing other than a placeholder of a "Mystery Game" right now, which is about to be revealed soon on May 20, 2021 onwards.