Darksiders 4 Possibly Teased by Concept Art

Newly shared promotional art for Darksiders franchise by artist Anton Lavrushkin may be teasing at Darksiders IV.

darksiders 4 possible tease concept art
Darksiders IV Possibly Teased by Concept Art

In recent years, hack and slash action-adventure franchise Darksiders have launched a second sequel, Darksiders III in 2018 and followed up by a top-down hack and slash action role-playing spin-off game Darksiders: Genesis in late 2019.

A brand-new promotional art was shared by Darksiders III art director Anton Lavrushkin on his ArtStation profile lately, which could be a potential tease for upcoming Darksiders IV, currently under development at Gunfire Games and THQ.

Lavrushkin has uploaded a new artwork of Lilith, who is a queen of demons in Darksiders games with nothing but a simple description saying, "Promotion art commission work for THQ Nordic on the Darksiders franchise" and no other info.

This new image of Lilith could be a very old artwork from early Darksiders titles or maybe some unused concept or Darksiders 3 marketing asset but since she didn't appear in 2018's mainline release, could this be a tease for Darksiders 4?

darksiders 4 lilith promotional artwork
Darksiders IV: Lilith Promotional Artwork

Darksiders series has made its debut about a decade ago by developer Vigil Games in 2010 and introduced War, Horseman of Apocalypse. His elder brother Death made his appearance known in Darksiders II, attempting to restore balance.

After publisher THQ filed for bankruptcy and merged with Nordic Games, they teamed up with former Vigil Games employees forming Gunfire Games for a third entry, choosing Fury as their newest Horseman character for Darksiders III.
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