GeForce Now Leak Reveals Ghost of Tsushima, Returnal and More Coming to PC

A second GeForce Now leak unveils PlayStation-exclusives like Ghost of Tsushima, Returnal and more are heading to PC.

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GeForce Now Leak Reveals Ghost of Tsushima, Returnal and More Coming to PC

Back in mid-September, an accidental leak at cloud gaming service Nvidia GeForce Now reveals a massive library of games that are coming to PC and most of these titles are either PlayStation-exclusives or yet to be announced projects.

A second leak has recently been revealed on social media, which unveils another series of leaks and even release dates in some cases. Some of these titles are high-profile, PlayStation-owned upcoming first-party releases slated for PC.

Newest leak at GeForce Now has revealed Death Stranding: Director's Cut, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank, Returnal, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection coming to PC.

Projects that are still unannounced include Crysis 4, Gears 6, Helldivers 2, Kingdom Hearts IV as well as Mortal Kombat 12. Listing of Resident Evil: Outbreak was previously mentioned in a leak last year and could be a DLC for RE Village.

Twitter user Okami Games has shared a list of GeForce Now leaked games from an archived Git Hub page.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition and God of War (2018) from original GeForce Now leak has already been confirmed. Highly-anticipated Everwild, Indiana Jones and The Elder Scrolls VI have all been scheduled for 2024.

Sony has recently launched a new "PlayStation PC" publishing label, hinting at more exclusives coming to PC platform. Despite fans expecting them to wait a few years, some of these games only came out over a year ago or even less.
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