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Horizon Forbidden West Story Trailer

Guerrilla Games and Sony releases a new story trailer for Horizon Forbidden West ahead of release next month.

horizon forbidden west story trailer open-world action role-playing game guerrilla games playstation ps4 ps5 sony interactive entertainment february 18, 2022
Horizon Forbidden West Story Trailer

Originally scheduled to release in 2021 for PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, upcoming action role-playing game Horizon Forbidden West was delayed by developer Guerrilla Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment to early 2022.

With less than a month away from launch, Guerrilla Games offers a preview at Forbidden West in a recently revealed story trailer, bringing back series protagonist Aloy and a several returning characters to embark a brand-new adventure.

Newly released story trailer for Horizon Forbidden West briefly shows off cut-scenes and few gameplay bits.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Forbidden West focuses on a mysterious red blight that would wipe out all life on Earth. A storm approaches as young huntress Aloy of Nora tribe heads over to west to find answers with her companions.

Aloy and her friends would come across Regalla and her rebels, armed with deadliest machines out there. Horizon II also brings back Sylens, introduces Tenakth tribe chief Hekarro and Tilda, a mysterious character with connection to past.

Sylens has returned from Horizon Zero Dawn with new ulterior motives and apparently, Regalla and her forces answer to him. Aloy will be joined by major supporting characters Erend and Varl as well as newcomers like Alva, Kotallo and Zo.

Horizon Forbidden West will be arriving soon at PlayStation Store and retail shops on February 18, 2022. Guerrilla Games has also shared a new key-art today, highlighting a conflict between raging machines and tribes of Forbidden West.