Resistance Open-World Game Was Reportedly Cancelled by Sony

Days Gone game director reveals that pitch for an open-world Resistance game was rejected by Sony after failed sequel plans.

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Resistance Open-World Game Was Reportedly Cancelled by Sony

Although a sequel to 2019 open-world action-adventure game Days Gone by developer Bend Studio was cancelled by publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment, they are currently working on a new game, according to PlayStation head.

After a failed attempt to greenlit a Days Gone sequel, Bend Studio proposed Sony for an open-world Resistance game afterwards, which eventually got cancelled when SIE asked them for a possible reboot of Syphon Filter shooter series.

Days Gone 2 cancelled pitch recently became a topic of discussion after claims of Sony making studio feel like a disappointment regardless of surpassing Ghost of Tsushima sales milestone of shipping more than 8 million copies worldwide.

A day after talking about Days Gone sales numbers on Twitter, director Jeff Ross showed up on a livestream hosted by God of War creator David Jaffe to openly discuss about his other failed pitches for Sony, like an open-world Resistance.

What he really wanted to do is a reboot of Resistance, a known Insomniac Games' FPS series released on PlayStation 3. His team has figured out all these open-world loops and gameplay would be fucking rad, which almost wrote itself.

At that point, Ross realized that Sony was interested in doing almost anything other than Days Gone 2. Right now, Bend Studio is involved with a brand-new IP, building on deep open-world systems they originally developed for Days Gone.

He claims that Sony didn't want to make Days Gone 2 because of mixed reception of original and for not having a great sale. So, he knew talking about a sequel pitch to local manager and his boss, who simply wanted to keep them busy.

Ross was asked if he would like to work on PlayStation classic Syphon Filter reboot but he had no interest in reviving that series. It almost seemed like, Sony wanted to somehow keep them busy until they figure out what works for them.
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