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Elden Ring Player Beats Radagon and Elden Beast in Less Than 32 Seconds

A newly shared Elden Ring video shows how YouTuber Luvonir takes down Radagon and Elden Beast under 32 seconds.

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Elden Ring Player Beats Radagon and Elden Beast in Less Than 32 Seconds

Even after shipping over 12 million copies in less than a month, 2022 action role-playing game Elden Ring by developer From Software and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment continues to rule over social media trends since release.

Despite its immense popularity among player-community, many are still having trouble dealing with various bosses, especially Radagon and Elden Beast but one Tarnished warrior has crushed these two mighty foes in less than 32 seconds.

In a recently shared gameplay footage, YouTuber Luvonir starts charging at Radagon around 18 seconds and takes him down by 32. Elden Beast shows up shortly afterwards and is vanquished into oblivion under no less than just 8 seconds.

Of course, credits go to their impressive character build rather than fighting skills or sheer luck. Luvonir equipped their Tarnished with Azur's Glintstone Crown for sorcery boost and a Jellyfish Shield for increased damage among other stuff.

YouTuber Luvonir managed to defeat both Radagon and Elden Beast under 32 seconds in latest playthrough.

These incredibly overpowered builds existing in Elden Ring is not surprising at all given its scale and they are effective against tough bosses. Players are trying to find cheesy ways to take down various annoying enemies and boss characters.

Elden Ring sppedrunners broke multiple records for beating the game in past few months under impossible time limits. Weeks into release, someone beat it within 37 minutes, which followed by 25 minutes run and then stops at 7 minutes.

Radagon and Elden Beast posses a greater challenge in comparison to other bosses as there are no checkpoints between two battles. So, even if a player dies battling the latter, they must once again defeat them both in a back-to-back fight.

Elden Ring players typically have a tough time facing Radagon of Golden Order and Elden Beast regardless of their skill level. Yet someone managed to defeat both of these legendary enemies in final combat without even breaking a sweat.