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Marvel's Spider-Man Player Finds Doc Ock's Lab Was an Auto Repair Shop

A curious player discovers Dr. Otto Octavius's lab in Marvel's Spider-Man was previously an auto repair shop and several other details.

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Marvel's Spider-Man Player Finds Doc Ock's Lab Was Once an Auto Repair Shop

An overwhelming success of 2018 PlayStation 4-exclusive superhero action-adventure Marvel's Spider-Man by developer Insomniac Games has lead to a spin-off and a sequel, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is coming to PlayStation 5 next year.

Marvel's Spider-Man is filled with many fine detail and Easter Eggs that it may take years to find them all. However, a player recently came across an interesting location details in Dr. Octavius's laboratory after playing it a couple of times.

Reddit user Razkal719 has played Marvel's Spider-Man on both PS4 and PS5 consoles for about nine times before finally noticing Otto's lab was an auto repair shop once and it was rented out so he can get some funds to do his research.

In a short video, they pointed out that Otto's lab laboratory has a car lift, several roll-up garage doors and even a service pit. Since it is located on the bottom floor of the building, Peter Parker always enters by swinging through rooftop.

Reddit user Razkal719 shares a brief footage of Peter Parker exploring various side details of Dr. Octavius's lab.

Those garage doors are clearly visible from outside whenever Spider-Man arrives there to meet with his former mentor. Dr. Otto Octavius was very close to Parker and a well-meaning scientist before becoming an arch-nemesis of Spidey.

Dr. Octavius and Peter spend quite a lot of time together in-game, as they research mechanical limbs in a laboratory at Greenwich. Parker would often visit Otto and help with his experiments by finding solutions for various side puzzles.

Octavius's lab being an auto repair shop shows how badly he needed some funds after a falling out with Norman Osborn. His research mostly relies on grants, so that he can find a cure for his neurological illness that can immobilize him.

Marvel's Spider-Man's final boss battle even sees Peter using Doc Ock's laboratory to construct his Anti-Ock Armor before facing him. Insomniac Games added a tweak in Photo Mode that will foreshadow his descend to villainy in future.