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The Last of Us Part I Features and Gameplay Revealed

Naughty Dog reveals new features and major gameplay details for upcoming PlayStation 5-exclusive The Last of Us Part I.

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The Last of Us Part I Features and Gameplay Revealed

A year after launching on PlayStation 3, a remastered version of 2013 survival-adventure game The Last of Us was released for PlayStation 4 and a complete remake, The Last of Us Part I is set to arrive for PlayStation 5 on September 2, 2022.

Only a day ago, gameplay footage for upcoming remake was seemingly leaked on various social media platforms. Today, developer Naughty Dog finally releases a deep dive video for The Last of Us Part I, featuring commentary and gameplay.

Newly revealed The Last of Us Part I trailer highlights key-features and gameplay for upcoming PS5 remake.

Last of Us Part I on PS5 brings a number of enhancements that makes it a definitive experience, claims Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann as dev team couldn't do everything that they previously wanted to make, almost a decade ago.

Players will be able to run TLoU Remake either at 30 FPS in native 4K resolution or targeted 60 FPS in dynamic 4K visual. Moreover, there are 3D audio, DualSense wireless controller adaptive and haptics trigger effects that adds to immersion.

Though early leak suggests that there will be no gameplay improvements in 2022 remake, new video shows that to be inaccurate. Other than graphical upgrades, Naughty Dog has introduced a speedrun-focused "Permadeath" mode for fans.

Taking full advantage of powerful next generation hardware, dev team has rebuilt all character models with highest possible details. Also, bullets fired at enemies can now hit concrete as well as any other environmental item on its trajectory.

Newly improved AI upgrades will direct in-game characters to behave more authentic and a lot more realistic way. Character animations flow in a very convincing and intuitive manner, thanks to an advanced PS5 motion matching technology.

The Last of Us Part I includes almost all innovative accessibility options from The Last of Us Part II and a new Audio Description mode. Despite adding its prequel chapter Left Behind expansion in a bundle, $69.99 price is bit much for a remake.