Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Remaster Announced

Square Enix eventually confirms a rumored HD remaster of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, titled "Reunion" for all major platforms.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Remaster Announced

Originally launched across PlayStation Portable consoles, 2007 action role-playing game Crisis Core by developer/publisher Square Enix is a fan-favorite series entry among fans and has sold over 2 million units worldwide within few years.

Only a day ago, known leaker The Snitch has teased a multiplatform release of Crisis Core soon and Square Enix officially announces Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion today through Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration event.

A trailer for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion was revealed by Square Enix at their recent livestream.

Reunion is a modern HD remaster of Crisis Core, which revives original story of Final Fantasy VII prequel with improved graphics. It overhauls characters, 3D models and every other aspects of original but keeps all core gameplay mechanics.

All dialogue scenes will have full voice-overs and newly-arranged soundtracks will be added for upcoming re-release. Despite receiving an extensive makeover, Crisis Core: FFVII – Reunion isn't a remake and doesn't feature any extra content.

FFVII fans who never played Crisis Core before can still jump in as protagonist Zack Fair, a young SOLDIER 2nd Class. Zack's standalone adventure would lead him after missing SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos and takes him to a church of Midgar.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion releases this winter for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Square Enix may reveal a gameplay overview as well as a release date in a digital showcase later.
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