Skull & Bones Gameplay and Release Date Revealed

After long delays and cancellation rumors, Ubisoft reveals new gameplay trailer and release date for Skull & Bones.

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Skull & Bones Gameplay and Release Date Revealed

Originally announced for 2019 release, upcoming open-world pirate adventure Skull & Bones by developer/publisher Ubisoft was delayed to 2020 and was pushed back further due to a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.

After a five year-long development cycle, Ubisoft Singapore is finally ready to show off Skull and Bones gameplay trailer and confirm its release for Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on November 8, 2022.

For a recent re-reveal today, Ubisoft releases a brand-new cinematic trailer for upcoming Skull and Bones.

Skull & Bones invites players to live their biggest pirate fantasy as they battle to survive through these rough waters. Start your journey in 17th century at Indian Ocean during the golden age of piracy and live to discover your own fortune.

Starting playing as a pirate captain with a small ship to survive, thrive and rule over the seas as you level up. Other than fighting enemy ships, always keep an eye on your crews for a possible mutiny any time and try keeping them happy.

Skull & Bones overview trailer focuses on customization, naval combat, progression and a lot of other gameplay elements. Although designed to be played in PvEvP multiplayer online mode, it will also be playable in a single-player mode.

Players can meet each other via in-game hub known as Pirate Dens, where they outfit or repair their ships and even find partners in crime. You get infamy in terms of progression and you can unlock blueprints to build a much bigger ship.

Ubisoft released a gameplay overview trailer for Skull and Bones, detailing a number of aspects and features.

Standard Edition only features the base game while its Premium Edition offers Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection, two missions and more. Ubisoft plans to introduce several in-game events to highlight climate issues and raise awareness.

Skull & Bones pre-order bonus will include Highness of the High Sea pack, featuring Coronation firework and Notoriety garb. Ubisoft will be hosting a number of live tests ahead of release and interested players can register at official site.
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