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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Hitman 2 and Stardew Valley on Xbox Free Play Days

Free Play Days brings Hitman 2 and Stardew Valley for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate members this weekend.

During each Xbox Free Play Days weekly event, members of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gets to cheer up to celebrate new lineup of games to play on Xbox One console for free while staying in comfort of home.

Starting from June 25, 12:01 AM PDT/3:01 AM EDT, Live Gold or Game Pass subscribers can head over to Microsoft Store to download and play newly added Hitman 2 and Stardew Valley until June 28, 11:59 PM PDT/2:59 AM EDT.

hitman 2 stardew valley xbox live gold free play days event
Hitman 2 and Stardew Valley on Xbox Free Play Days

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Now that an official follow up sequel waiting for release in January 2021, take a tour into world of assassination with Agent 47 in stealth adventure title Hitman 2 by developer IO Interactive and follow targets to worldwide locations.

Then jump into 2016 simulation role-playing game Stardew Valley from publisher Chucklefish, where player character goes back to inherit a rural farm from their grandfather in an attempt to try and settle there to leave a city life behind.

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When your trial period in Free Play Days are finally over, you can still keep playing these titles by simply purchasing them and enjoy special member discount for limited time but remember that percentage may vary in different region.

Xbox Free Play Days for this week lets you grab Hitman 2 Gold Edition for a whopping 75% off, which is a complete steal. People who are looking forward to begin their journey to Stardew Valley can buy its standard edition at 30% less.

AER: Memories of Old and Stranger Things 3 Free on Epic Store Now

Epic Games Store offers PC version of AER: Memories of Old and Stranger Things 3: The Game in free giveaway game of this week.

Though season of freebie AAA-titles are now gone for this year, Epic Games still has plans to offer new and exciting games on PC platform each week throughout rest of 2020 via their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store.

Promised to giveaway two free titles, AER: Memories of Old and Stranger Things 3: The Game has become available to claim for free on Epic Store, which anyone can claim with an account before  July 2, 8:00 AM PT/10:00 AM EDT.

aer memories of old stranger things 3 game netflix free pc epic games store open world adventure exploration action co-op adventure forgotten key daedalic entertainment bonus xp
AER: Memories of Old and Stranger Things 3 Free on Epic Store Now

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An adventure game that is solely focused on discovery and exploration, AER: Memories of Old from developer Forgotten Key and publisher Daedalic Entertainment sends you on a journey in a gorgeous sandbox world to meet your destiny.

An isometric co-op action game, Stranger Things 3: The Game by developer/publisher BonusXP is an official companion tie-in that reflects on similar events from Season 3 of Netflix original series Stranger Things in 16-bit retro art style.

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Twelve familiar faces from Hawkins, Indiana become playable for in solo or co-op gameplay mode. Aside from following a narrative-driven adventure, players have some side chores to take care of and some challenging boss battles.

For next week, Epic Games has already announced to giveaway 2018 online survival game Conan Exiles from Funcom and award-winning, colorful puzzle-adventure title Hue by Fiddle Sticks, arriving at Epic Store on July 2, 2020.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Lord of The Rings: Gollum Reveals First Screenshots

Daedalic Entertainment reveals new screenshots for upcoming Lord of The Rings: Gollum, featuring its creepy protagonist.

Based on fantasy universe of J.R.R Tolkien, a narrative-focused stealth adventure game titled Lord of The Rings: Gollum was announced last year by developer Daedalic Entertainment to release in 2021 for next-gen consoles.

Today, a series of newly revealed screenshot by Daedalic offers first-look at their take on titular wretched creature on social media and LoTR: Gollum is currently scheduled to arrive next year for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

lord of the rings gollum first look screenshots reveal stealth adventure game pc ps5 xsx daedalic entertainment
Lord of The Rings: Gollum Reveals First Screenshots

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Gollum is best known for his iconic portrayal from The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings film franchises by renowned English actor Andy Serkis (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) through performance capture.

Although dev team has initially promised not to make Gollum look much similar to its live-action movie interpretation by director Peter Jackson (King Kong, The Lovely Bones), much of his first appearance doesn't look any different.

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Latest batch of released images showcases cursed Sméagol protagonist and a dark world of Mordor.

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A fictional character that is constantly troubled with two of its different personalities, Gollum is not known for his physical prowess and will be fitting to employ elements of stealth through traversal over various settings of Middle-earth.

Some internal dialog options probably suggests of decision-making aspects that are very much likely to be a part of in-depth gameplay mechanics developed by Daedalic Entertainment to explore his conflicting Smeagol and Gollum psyche.

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A wide range of diverse locations such as Mount Doom and countryside of Rivendell are featured in recent screenshots. Enemy types like Orcs and monstrous Spiders are also bound to show up during cinematic and dark passages.

Lord of The Rings: Gollum will reportedly be set between events of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings series trilogy that latest images clearly hints at, adding more unique story elements in Tolkien canon for a new generation of fans.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey Free on PS4

Sony gives away Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey for free, announcing Play At Home initiative in response to Coronavirus outbreak.

In recent times, people all over the world are trying their best to prevent spreading COVID–19 pandemic by staying at home. To do their part in helping, Sony Interactive Entertainment has come forward with a brand-new initiative.

SIE has announced Play At Home, a program launching to giveaway free games to PlayStation community just to help lessen boredom, which kick-starts with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey on PlayStation 4.

uncharted nathan drake collection journey free ps4 sony stay at home covid 19 that gamecompany annapurna interactive naughty dog
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey Free on PS4

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Starting from April 15, 8:00 PM PT, players on PS4 can download these two titles until April 17, 6:00 AM PT for a limited time. Unlike free games on PlayStation Plus monthly subscription, these games are yours to keep forever once claimed.

Many PS4 players who have a membership to PS Plus may have already played Nathan Drake Collection already and now it's free to keep. Journey has debuted back in 2012 for PlayStation 3 and then was ported to PS4 as well in 2015.

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Aside from offering free games, Play At Home is starting a fund worth $10 million to support industry partners. During this time of distress, many indie developers are going through financial struggles and SIE wants to help them.

Independent studios are a very important part of gaming community and supporting them in tough times are crucial. Sony would soon come up with condition details and requests all players to maintain social distancing in the mean time.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Journey Coming to Steam

Following release of Windows PC version on Epic Games Store last year, Journey is finally coming to Steam.

Debuted back in 2012 for PlayStation 3, classic indie adventure game Journey from developer Thatgamecompany and Santa Monica Studio was ported to PlayStation 4 console in 2015, which met with critical and commercial success.

Later, a Windows PC version was released on Epic Games Store by publisher Annapurna Interactive in June 2019 and now that a year-long timed exclusivity period is over, Journey is coming to Steam storefront in June 11, 2020.

journey steam pc release date june 11 classic indie adventure game thatgamecompany santa monica studio annapurna interactive
Journey Coming to Steam

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Players assume role of a lone traveler that explores a deserted land and solves various puzzles within remnants of an ancient civilization. Though quite brief in length, your epic voyage into a mysterious land promises an emotional impact.

Devoid of any dialogue, its narrative is told through its artistic visuals and truly impressive soundtracks. Among several other accolades, one of the scores composed for Journey ended up receiving nomination for 2013 Grammy Award.

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You can also communicate with fellow players through minor gestures who can help you find a way and this multiplayer feature without any text or voice chat is nicely executed in simplistic manner that is aimed at a seamless experience.

Journey is one of the major titles hailing from PlayStation consoles that are heading to Steam, seconded by Horizon Zero Dawn. Though the game is already listed on Valve's digital outlet to add to wishlist, a retail price is yet to be revealed.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Close to the Sun and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is giving away PC version of Close to the Sun and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments for this week.

It was initially announced last week that Epic Games would be giving up only one freebie for this week, which is a title from Sherlock Holmes franchise but ended up adding an extra game on Epic Games Store at the last moment.

For this week, Epic Store has added two adventure mystery title; Close to the Sun and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments that are available for anyone with a free in-store account to claim before April 16, 8:00 AM PT/10:00 AM EDT.

close to the sun sherlock holmes crimes and punishments free pc epic games store first-person horror storm in a teacup wired productions adventure game frogwares focus home interactive
Close to the Sun and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Free on Epic Games Store Now

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An alternate take on history explored in a first-person horror adventure title, Close to the Sun is set on a reality where all ideas of inventor Nikola Tesla has come o life but there are a lot of surrounding mysteries that has less ties to science.

A product of labor from developer Storm in a Teacup and publisher Wired Productions that may feel tedious at times, it follows journalist Rose Archer on Tesla's sea cruiser Helios on a harrowing quest to save the life of her sister Ada.

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Crimes & Punishments is your ticket to become world's greatest detective Sherlock Holmes and could be a joyride experience even if you have missed out his past adventures from developer Frogwares and publisher Focus Home Interactive.

Holmes is aided by his trusted companion Dr. John Watson for solving cases and will often be interacting with Constable Marrow. Together you are to gather clues from crime scenes to make deductions and eventually come to a conclusion.

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If one of the games in giveaway list happens to have a mature rating Epic Store usually offers an alternative title that is suitable for all age. However, they completely went against that trend this time for some unknown reason.

Joining upcoming free game lineup EGS are 2018 action-adventure game Just Cause 4 from Avalanche Studios and visual novel adventure Wheels of Aurelia by Santa Ragione, set to arrive at Epic Games Store on April 16, 2020.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store offers PC version of Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable for free giveaway this week.

In an ongoing promotion of their digital distribution storefront, Epic Games is adding new and exciting titles on Epic Games Store for PC platform to offer as freebie that anyone can claim to own forever with just a free account.

This week, Epic Store has picked up action-adventure game Watch Dogs and interactive walking simulator The Stanley Parable to giveaway. These two giveaway titles are absolutely free to grab until March 26, 8:00 AM PT/10:00 AM EDT.

watch dogs the stanley parable free pc game epic games store action-adventure game ubisoft interactive drama walking simulator galactic cafe
Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable Free on Epic Games Store Now

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The Stanley Parable is first-person exploration experience from developer/publisher Galactic Cafe. Players relieve a paradoxical story of Stanley that is a mysterious journey of a lifetime as it will take time to even make any sense at all.

Watch Dogs lets you step into the shoes of a brilliant hacker named Aiden Pearce, who is seeking vengeance for death of his niece. In a hyper-connected Chicago, he operates through advanced computer network to find her killer.

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Ever since Ubisoft has shifted over to Epic Games Store, their recent releases remained exclusive to the outlet. There is a chance that they would offer up Watch Dogs 2 at some point before launch of Watch Dogs: Legion.

Epic Store has already announced action-adventure game Figment and indie arena shooter title Tormentor x Punisher as their next giveaway titles for upcoming week that would become available to claim from April 26, 2020.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Short Hike, Anodyne 2 and Mutazione Free on Epic Games Store Now

For this week, Epic Games Store is offering free copies of A Short Hike, Anodyne 2 and Mutazione on PC.

To let you expand your ever-growing collection of PC titles at Epic Games Store by each passing week, Epic Games is adding more free games to their giveaway list and plans on to continue throughout entirety of this year.

Epic Store will be giving out a total of three different titles for free and anyone with a free account can add those in their online collection to own them forever by simply claiming before March 19, 7:00 PM PT/10:00 PM EDT.

anodyne 2 return to dust a short hike mutazione free pc game epic games store indie adventure exploration game adam robinson-yu analgesic productions platformer supernatural fantasy die gute fabrik akupara games
A Short Hike, Anodyne 2 and Mutazione Free on Epic Games Store Now

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This week's freebie starts rolling with A Short Hike that is about exploration and making your way to a summit somehow. As you try to find your way through Hawk Peak, discover treasures, interact with fellow hikers and take your time.

Then hop onto strange worlds of indie action-adventure game Anodyne 2: Return to Dust from developer/publisher Analgesic Productions that allows you to swap between 3D landscapes to 2D to let you explore an emotional story.

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Finally, become part of a community of mutants in fantasy adventure game Mutazione, which is developed by Die Gute Fabrik and lets you play as a young girl named Kai who visits a mysterious small-town to look after her grandfather.

For next week's giveaway, Epic Games Store plans to offer 2013 first-person exploration game The Stanley Parable by Galactic Cafe and 2014 stealth 2014 action-adventure title Watch Dogs from Ubisoft for free on March 26, 2020.