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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition for Xbox One

NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition is available on Microsoft Store to bring glory to your Xbox One console.

Although it was never a PlayStation 4-exclusive as it was released alongside PC, players who owned an Xbox One were left behind for a year from enjoying PlatinumGames' action role-playing game NieR: Automata. However, it has finally come to Microsoft Store to deliver salvation to those eagerly awaiting fans. Now, they too can join the fight to deliver freedom for humanity from a thousand year of exile on moon while the ruthless race of machines took over earth.

nier automata xbox one
NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition for Xbox One

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The game arrives at Microsoft consoles titled as "NieR:Automata Become as Gods Edition" and the launch trailer below showcases some of the game-playing experiences from it.

Before the announcement was even made at E3 2018 press conference, the news was leaked from website of publisher Square Enix. On Xbox One X, the game will run on 4K graphics and seeing how amazing it looks, players are going to love it. The combined sales unit of the game has already passed 3 million on PC and PS4 in one year. Considering how long Xbox users had to wait for it, another selling landmark is just ahead of them.

nier automata 2b xbox one
Your Side Quest Awaits

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Your first mission as an android from YoRHa units will be on earth and since the game does not have an auto-save option, you will be wise to save your game progress whenever you can. There are considerable amount of side quests but you shouldn't worry too much about them as you can still pick them up to finish at a later time. For suport in combat, find Pods in Desert Zone as well as Flooded City and upgrade them. These features will come in handy when you are playing the game on Xbox One for the first time.

nier automata xbox one x
Bring Glory to Mankind

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Lots of plug-in chips are there to help you heal using health items routinely, collecting item on the go, EXP boost and even increasing the amount of item drop by enemies. You can purchase NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition from Microsoft Store now for only $49.99. It will get you the base-game, a few cosmetic skins for your assisting Pods and 3C3C1D119440927 DLC. For beginners, there is an "Auto Mode" to automatically attack or evade incoming hits from your enemy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Looking Back at Nier: Automata Soundtracks

Developer PlatinumGames and publisher Square Enix released the action role-playing game Nier: Automata a year ago today. One the first yearly anniversary, composer Keiichi Okabe was brought in to look back at the achievements the game amassed not only for a very appealing gameplay but also in regard for great music. Okabe happens to be the CEO of Monaca, Inc. who designs background music for anime and video games in general.

nier automata soundtrack vinyl
Looking Back at Nier: Automata Soundtracks

While composing background music for a game, it usually takes two to three months to complete before the final product goes out for sale. Meanwhile, there are interviews to attend to and events to show up on talking about the work during the period of launch. Things pretty much wraps up like this all the time.

When working on the Nier: Automata project, the development of the original soundtrack begins right after they were done with the in-game sound design. A concert and voice-over performance was in order as part of an event called “The Memories of Puppets”. Right after the program, the original soundtrack came out on CD and then there was a theatrical stage show “YorHa”. So, a year has passed doing all that. Technically, when an album is released, his work is done but his involvement with Nier: Automata seem to be an ongoing process.

nier automata ost
NieR: Automata Original Soundtrack

Since the predecessor game of the series had a great track-record for music, Keiichi Okabe ensured to maintain that legacy by making the tones mysterious and ephemeral in contrast to the vibe of the game. Instead of the previous Nier's sad feel, Nier: Automata received a more dynamic treatment while maintaining the spiritual theme of the series.

The visuals and the situation of the game greatly impacts on the creation of the sounds that sparks life into play and the goal is to make it rich in quality. From battle music to songs, the procedure varies and designing background music for video games is way different than usual track-making process. The instruments often play a big role in expressing emotions of the characters and they way it should be designed that it could move you.

nier automata soundtrack 2b
Nier Music Concert

During his work on the Nier: Automata soundtrack designing, Okabe would often receive requests from game director Yoko Taro to make songs for specific scenes or sequences. The delivered tracks are sometime used as the composer would have hoped for and then there are times, when things go very surprising for him. One funny story about it was the song “Alien Manifestation”, which was originally requested for one of last stages but ended up playing in the very beginning instead.

Producer Yosuke Saito on the other hand never really asked for anything in particular from composer Okabe except for a rearranged version of a song from the previous Nier (2010) game. If Okabe and Yoko were cool with something, he will just go with it. His deal was as simple as that. Since director Yoko Taro is not easily moved as a creator, it was very brave of producer Saito to rope him on board.

Keiichi Okabe grew up listening to music of North America and Europe, the influence of which clearly reflects on his work. However, his very own style has Japanese base. Listening to a lot of tracks and putting his own emotions to the project brought out the beautifully scored soundtrack for Nier: Automata. In the end, fans worldwide loved his work very much and some are regarding the work on the game tracks to be one of the best for the category, which is not wrong though.

nier automata soundtrack vinyl 2b
NieR: Automata Game Soundtrack

Usually it is very tense moment before the original soundtracks of a game is released in anticipation of the fan reaction. With a lot of pressure and struggle already invested in the work, one can only hope for everything to turn out well. Upon release, not only it was well received by the fans, the album started getting nominations and ended up winning a number of awards, which really tells a lot about the quality of the unique content.

People who have played Nier: Automata on PC and PlayStation 4, as well as loved the soundtracks designed by Keiichi Okabe has his gratitude for honoring his work. The firsthand fans’ reactions from many events in Japan and online reactions on his work from west truly overwhelmed him and inspired to do more great work in the future.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wins Game of The Year at DICE Awards

Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild scores big-time at the 21st annual DICE Awards 2018.

Last year, Nintendo's open world action-adventure game the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released from Legend of Zelda series.

The game was exclusively dropped on Nintendo Switch and Wii U, which ended up receiving critical acclaim as well as breaking Nintendo's sales records of the past by selling over six million copies. On Thursday night, the game won big time at the 21st DICE Awards.

legend of zelda breath of the wild goty
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wins Game of The Year at DICE Awards

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The latest installment from Legend of Zelda franchise won prestigious awards like Adventure Game of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction, Outstanding Achievement in Game Design and Game of the Year at the event.

Genyo Takeda, executive and designer of Nintendo received Lifetime Achievement Award at the same night for his contributions to gaming over the years.

genyo takeda lifetime achievement
Genyo Takeda Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award

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Four other games that won the night from Nintendo in Handheld Game of the Year, Mobile Game of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design and Racing Game of the Year for Metroid: Samus Returns, Fire Emblem Heroes, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey respectively. With that, Nintendo takes eight trophies home from the 21st DICE Awards this year.

dice awards 2018 winners
DICE Award Winners 2018

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Battle royale sensation, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds becomes Action Game of the Year and gets another for Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay.

Styled in 1930's era of animation, run and gun indie title Cuphead from StudioMDHR gets award for Animation, Art Direction and Original Music Composition. Horizon Zero Dawn was picked for both Outstanding Achievement in Story and Outstanding Technical Achievement.

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Other achievements worth mentioning are FIFA 18 for Sports Game of the Year, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Senua for Outstanding Achievement in Character, Injustice 2 for Fighting Game of the Year and Nier: Automata for Role-Playing Game of the Year.