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Friday, January 18, 2019

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead for Consoles Delayed Again

Already delaying the launch date for PS4 or Xbox One version of OVERKILL's The Walking Dead to 2019, Starbreeze has now postponed the release.

Whenever a new media franchise based on The Walking Dead is in works, it causes an extra hype among fans and same was the case for first-person shooter OVERKILL'S The Walking Dead from developer Overkill Software and publisher Starbreeze Publishing.

However, things weren't quite good for them in overall as they had to delay the release date of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game while only the PC version came out in time, followed by a missed sales target. Now the launch date for console versions is delayed again.

overkills the walking dead ps4 xbox one delayed otwd
OVERKILL's The Walking Dead for Consoles Delayed Again

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Originally OTWD was scheduled to release on all three major platforms on November 6, 2018 but only the Windows version came out in due date and release for both Microsoft and Sony consoles got delayed to February 2019.

Without detailing much, Starbreeze has recently announced that they are currently evaluating performance of the game on consoles and it was just a brief news release for company investors, so we don't know about the specific reason behind the delay.

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The project has a long history of delays following its initial announcement back in August 2014 through Payday 2 community page on Steam. They estimated a release date for January 2016 that got pushed to the next year and then November 2018 launch date saw another setback for this year.

Overkill's The Walking Dead is a co-op FPS title featuring four new characters named Aidan, Grant, Heather and Maya who work together to survive in a post-apocalypse Washington, D.C. from hordes of flesh-eating zombies and hostile marauders.

Friday, November 23, 2018

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Missed Sales Targets

In an investor Q&A, Starbreeze Publishing has revealed that sales figure for OVERKILL's The Walking Dead is lower than expected.

Even though fans were eagerly waiting and had a wave of hype going for it, first-person shooter OVERKILL's The Walking Dead from developer Overkill Software and publisher Starbreeze Publishing is seeing disappointing number of sales initially.

After the PC edition of the game is launched earlier this month on November 8, players were not seem to be very interested to keep up with the title anymore and CFO of Starbreeze then reveals that the initial sales of OTWD is lower than what they originally expected.

overkill's the walking dead disappointing sales
OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Missed Sales Targets

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In their recent sales reviewing Q&A, the publisher points out that the title missed the initial forecasted sales mark a week after its launch. PC version is doing poorly in the market because of lack of content as well as quality to be exact.

The title is heavily bashed on review-aggregation site Metacritic and many popular gaming sites for design issues, lame AI and connection problems, which is having an overall negative impact on the sales among other reasons.

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Starbreeze didn't reveal the exact number of games sold but they already are in development of new content for Season 2, coming soon. Of course, it is too early to predict whether the game is a success or a failure, the studio believes OTWD is off to a good start.

In this desperate time of financial challenges, the publisher is now focusing on lowering their cost of business operations to save up a considerable amount to run things around. An internal review is ongoing to process that but no specifics were given on that yet.

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Also, the delay of the release for console versions of the game means, the $10 million licensing fee Starbreeze was about to receive from 505 Games this quarter to bring the title to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is delayed to February.

The 2019 console release can turn the financial balance to a slightly favorable position but despite all of the issues mentioned above, the developers and publishers are still okay with releasing the game in its current state only shows that how much they actually care for the players or the game itself.

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Given their current base of concurrent players, the studio should improve the gameplay framework and performance for a better experience if they really want to follow Games as a Service concept for the foreseeable future. Or perhaps they should go for a better monetization model that works.

Although many were comparing the co-op shooter to another survival horror game Left 4 Dead from the same genre, OVERKILL's The Walking Dead is probably not even worth the same standard of a title based on The Walking Dead franchise at all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Delayed for Consoles

At Gamescom 2018, Starbreeze Studios has announced that OVERKILL's The Walking Dead will be delayed to 2019 for consoles.

During the E3 2018 press conference, developer studio Overkill Software have made a great impact on the eager fans with a gameplay reveal trailer right after they released a series of trailers to introduce all playable characters of the game. It had a scheduled release window of November 6 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but according to a recent announcement, except for the Windows version, launching date for console versions have been delayed to February 2019.

overkills walking dead consoles delayed 2019
OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Delayed for Consoles

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For long, the project has been in a confusing state on development but then it all started to sort down for good earlier this year. Players were very pleased with the first look of gameplay and wanting for more, which also created huge waiting lines at Gamescom 2018 to experience the game. Apparently, publisher 505 Games holds the publishing rights of consoles have decided to make this unexpected delay but Starbreeze Studios decided to stay with their original release date on PC.

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Their stated reason for postponing the launch on PS4 and Xbox One is to guarantee concurrent release on digital platforms and stores to ensure maximized sales. So, until console owners can join in hunting down walkers next year, players on PC will have to get through the outbreak alone. If the title initially manages to get favorable reviews, it will spike interest of players on other platform but if it fails to impress, then another anticipating audience base will lost their overall hype.

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Set in a post-apocalyptic world based on the fictional work of creator Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt), which is The Walking Dead monthly comic-book series from Image Comics, Overkill Software envisioned a new plot for the ever expanding universe of games derived from the franchise. Despite being a first-person shooter, OVERKILL's The Walking Dead mostly focuses on cooperative play for a more engaging experience for everyone.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Gameplay Revealed

The first gameplay trailer Overkill's The Walking Dead co-op shooter gives a better idea of how the game will be like.

Based on The Walking Dead comic-book series from Image Comics by creator Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt), OVERKILL's The Walking Dead game is an upcoming co-op FPS that has already showcased four of its playable characters with their unique back-stories that has hardened them into the toughest survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. The studio that worked on games like Payday 2 has been working on this project for some time and during E3 2018, they revealed a gameplay trailer.

overkills the walking dead gameplay reveal
OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Gameplay Revealed

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Belonging to one of the many E3 2018 games, OTWD revealed a gameplay footage displaying our protagonists at work and how they thrive as a group.

The trailer opens up with a cinematic CGI and then going back and forth into brief playing moments where players run into a horde of walkers. With an expert melee attacker, one medic, a sniper and scavenger in a crowd of four, Overkill sets up a team play for survival. Teamwork will be essential to stay alive for the characters in Washington D.C. now overrun with zombies. Although they made it pretty clear about building a game with different tone, a more detailed gameplay would have been much appreciated.

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After building much anticipation from fans for the past few months, developers finally gave us a much expected look at the in-game demo of how it looks like for a band of zombie-apocalypse survivors fighting against all sort of odds. While exploring walkers infested areas, emphasis on stealth would be pretty high for the survival of you and your teammates. The fact that many speculating OTWD will turn out to be just another Left 4 Dead is wrong but we are sure that the developers will be flattered by this comparison.

overkills the walking dead gameplay
Zombie-Infested Washington

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First person co-op shooter game OVERKILL's The Walking Dead is brought to you by developer Overkill Software and publisher Starbreeze Studios in collaboration with Kirkman’s company Skybound Entertainment. After being delayed several times now, the game is finally set to release on November 6 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Onward June 12, pre-order will be open to get additional in-game cosmetic items for characters and weapons exclusively with the Deluxe Edition of the game.

Friday, June 8, 2018

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Introduces Heather

The fourth character in upcoming Overkill's The Walking Dead, Heather is here and you would not want to cross her.

Now that Season 8 of The Walking Dead TV series is over, we are out of our TWD fun-dose again. Developer Overkill Studios has been working on a co-op shooter game based on the same universe but it will be nothing like the zombie series on AMC. Except for the fact that these are both inspired from the works of comic-book writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) published by Image Comics. We are in for a new trailer that introduces a new character from the game.

overkills the walking dead heather
Overkill's The Walking Dead Introduces Heather

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The brand-new zombie-apocalypse survivor Heather marks her debut in the character reveal trailer from the upcoming Walking Dead game.

Heather is seen scavenging with a shopping cart inside an abandoned store and a zombie was gawking at her from outside. A shot is fired that took down the walker and three strangers enter the store apparently looking for her. When the female of that group attacks her upon spotting, she tackled and then took out another before smashing her previous attacker on a glass of the nearby freezer that slashed the woman's throat. She then shot her second attacker before a bottle smashes on her head by the third.

What's most impressive about her is that not only she can take care of her when she is outnumbered; she took some beating like a champ. Later, when the two of them were spreading her supplies among them, she came back and locked up the gate in front of the alley before attracting a horde by shooting a flare. When the guy who knocked he asks for key, she stubbornly kept asking for her bag until he gives up. She then leaves them to chance by dropping the key outside of the gate

overkills the walking dead game
Heather is Ruthless

Heather happens to be the fourth playable character and judging by her traits, we guess that her forte is scavenging. Three other players are introduced before her and among them Aiden seems like an expert in melee, Maya is definitely a medic and Grant is a sniper. Together, these tough leading characters will fight zombie swarms and build base for survival. We are expecting another trailer that showcases an event which brings all three survivors to band together to fight for their lives.

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Awaiting an official release date for fall 2018, upcoming co-op shooter Overkill’s The Walking Dead is set to release for playing on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both Overkill and Starbreeze Studios has been collaborating for this project with Kirkman’s company Skybound. Much like a possible real-life scenario, the game teaches you that by working together, you might have a shot at surviving but if you choose to fly solo, you won't probably last for long. Implementing that aspect in the game will surely make it interesting.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Introduces Grant

We just finished watching The Walking Dead Season 8 on AMC and just about then developer Overkill Studios dropped a trailer for their second playable character Maya. Exactly one month after, they have released another brand-new clip on the third character Grant from their upcoming co-op shooter Overkill’s The Walking Dead. Since this is an introduction of this character, we are not getting any glimpse of gameplay or whatsoever but we hope that very soon we will get that too.

overkill's the walking dead grant
Overkill's The Walking Dead Introduces Grant

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Watch out for Grant, a zombie-apocalypse survivor trying to make his way among the undeads in his old days in this cinematic trailer.

The trailer starts with a survivor of the outbreak who is in his late 60's, traveling on a freeway of Washington D.C. in rain. He takes sniper rifle off his shoulder to point at a car and then took a seat inside it. In glove compartment, he finds a bottle of whiskey along with a photograph of a young girl in costume, which reminded him of his own granddaughter who loved playing dress up and probably is missing now. As he talks about her, we see a jawless and mutilated walker sitting on driver's seat.

jawless zombie walking dead
The Jawless Passanger

Grant gets comfy with his fellow biter and continued his tale while rain pours in as well as more walkers came roaming. When his fellow passenger impatiently tries to reach at him, old man Grant finally takes his gun out and shoots him in the face, attracting all nearby walkers towards his position but he rarely even flinched. His dark sense of humor and a calm attitude towards this new world is sure establishes him as a tough cookie. He probably has seen a lot and this is just not the end for him yet.

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As a four-player co-op first person shooter Overkill’s The Walking Dead will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in later 2018. Each four of them having different back-stories and skill set, will be taking part in completing missions in nearby areas of Washington D.C. Originally, this title was about to release back in 2016 but because of various circumstances, the studio eventually kept pushing back the dates. It's a good thing that their development is up and running again to finish this project.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Payday 2 Exclusive Character "Joy" on Nintendo Switch

As we got the news of Payday 2 of Overkill Studios is coming to Nintendo Switch with the announcement for Nintendo Direct mini and we are only a month away from getting our hands on the game for Switch. It was also revealed that there will be an exclusive new character who will be introduced in the Nintendo Switch version of the game as a new gang member for a certain time and recently, some lights are shed on that too.

payday 2 joy nintendo switch
Payday 2 Exclusive Character "Joy" on Nintendo Switch

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A trailer is released from Nintendo featuring the new character named Joy and the video gives a brief peak into her life.

Joy is described as a “Japanese computer whiz" in the promos, who is the newest addition to the gang and she is a hacker, which makes her a unique asset to the team in a heist. Just because she is a hacker doesn't mean that she will be busy with the computers to help her infamous teammates of the gang. Joy got her own hacker perks and weapons to carry around; she will come in handy in times of need. Her face is yet to be revealed as it is always seen covered with her very own changing LED mask.

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All we know for now is that, Joy will be arriving in the Switch version of Payday 2 as a limited time exclusive character and that makes her the star of the release. Although not much of the personality of her character is unveiled yet, we have a feeling that we will get to know Joy a little better when she will be introduced on other ports as well after a certain period of time. It's now only a matter of time and the duration of that depends on how long she remains an exclusive to Switch.

payday 2 nintendo switch
Payday 2 Comes to Nintendo Switch

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Payday 2 is a heist adventure title of 2013 which is the successor of Payday: The Heist from the same developer studio. This multiplayer co-op first-person shooter was originally released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Nintendo Switch version will be out on the market from February 27, 2018 onwards and you will be all set to run a heist on the port with hacker Joy then.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Payday 2 Nintendo Switch Release Date

Cooperative first-person shooter Payday 2 from Overkill Studios going to made it to the list of Nintendo Switch port and we couldn't be happier hearing that. Swedish publisher company Starbreeze Studio is currently working with Overkill to bring this successful sequel to Switch. Plus, the Switch version of the game will feature a timed exclusive character Joy, who will take part in the heist along with the rest of the crew members of the gang.

payday 2 release date nintendo switch
Payday 2 Nintendo Switch Release Date

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Watch the video below from the game's producer Almir Listo on behalf of Overkill Studios with a message related to the Switch port release.

Lately, Nintendo Switch became one of the most successful consoles of recent history upon its 2017 release and all of it happened in less than one year. Games like Batman: The Telltale Series, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Doom, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Wolfenstein II. So, Payday 2 had it coming along with other games that are getting ported to Switch. This version will be ready to run on both portable and tabletop modes with a brand-new interface.

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Payday 2 on Nintendo Switch has some unique highlights that we came to know and one of them is the dynamic scenarios of the game that will lead out the heist differently each time. There are five skill trees including Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost, Technician and Fugitive available for customizing and master over time. A wholly new mask system is introduced along with a vast armory to modify at will whether its assault rifle or sniper. You can also join with four of your friends in local multiplayer using the CRIME.NET feature.

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Payday 2 was originally released back in 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Afterwards, a Crimewave Edition of the game with over 30 different DLC packages was released only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The game will roughly cost you $49.99 only when it is out on Nintendo Switch this February 27, 2018. Reportedly, there is a sequel titled Payday 3 already in works and this surely is very good news for the fans of this game.