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Cuphead Out On PlayStation 4

Experience 1930's era inspired cartoony animation in classic run and gun action game Cuphead, out now on PS4. There was an accidental leak in PlayStation Store earlier that revealed a thumbnail of 2017 run and gun shooter title Cuphead  from developer/publisher StudioMDHR , teasing its upcoming release on PlayStation 4 console very soon. Cuphead gets a surprise release on PS4 today on latest episode of Summer Game Fest during an interview with Geoff Keighley and players can now delve into its brutally difficult, acclaimed world of rubber hose animation at long last. Cuphead Out On PlayStation 4 RELATED: Cuphead Hits 5 Million Sales Players assume the role of Cuphead and his brother Mugman to uphold a bargain with the Devil. They engage in boss fights against various monstrosities throughout Inkwell Isles and finally have a face-off with the Devil himself. For past few years, StudioMDHR received many messages from PlayStation community to port their indie smas

Cuphead Hits 5 Million Sales

StudioMDHR celebrates second anniversary of Cuphead and 5 million units sold with a week-long sale. Exactly two years ago, developer/publisher StudioMDHR released their classic run and gun title Cuphead for PC and Xbox One exclusively. A Nintendo Switch port was eventually launched and Mac version is scheduled for next month. MDHR has recently revealed that over five million copies of their critically-acclaimed indie title of 2017 has been sold till date and offered the game at 20% off over all platforms for a full week to say thanks to all of their fans. Cuphead Hits 5 Million Sales RELATED: Cuphead: Delicious Last Course DLC Delayed to 2020 Available until October 6, everyone can now enjoy the limited-time special discount over purchase from major distribution outlets like GOG , Humble Store , Nintendo eShop and Steam , except for Microsoft Store as they are only offering a 10% off. Aside from joyous moment of second anniversary celebration of the game, Studi

The Cuphead Show is Coming to Netflix

Based on indie smash-hit title, King Features and Netflix announce all-new animated series The Cuphead Show! Following its official reveal back in E3 2015 , indie run and gun title Cuphead came out in 2017 as an Xbox One -exclusive from indie game developer/publisher StudioMDHR and ended up selling over 4 million copies worldwide so far. Considering its global success and overwhelming popularity among a wide audience, streaming giant Netflix have decided to pick it up for their subscription-based platform to make an all-new animated series titled The Cuphead Show! The Cuphead Show is Coming to Netflix RELATED: Netflix's The Witcher TV Series Reveals First Look at Cast In an official announcement released today, Netflix revealed partnering up with King Features Syndicate to adapt wildly popular world of hand-drawn game by MDHR to their popular subscription-based online streaming platform. Writer David Wasson ( Mickey Mouse , Time Squad ) and Cosmo Segurson ( C

Cuphead: Delicious Last Course DLC Delayed to 2020

Studio MDHR has delayed Delicious Last Course DLC for Cuphead to 2020 in order to avoid crunch time. When newest DLC expansion pack for popular run and gun indie game Cuphead was officially revealed back in E3 2018 , developer/publisher StudioMDHR initially intended to release it in 2019, exclusively for PC and Xbox One . It looks like they would need some more time to finish what they started without stressing out people working on it and to avoid development crunch time while doing it; MDHR has now decided to push back its release to 2020. Cuphead: Delicious Last Course DLC Delayed to 2020 RELATED: Cuphead Upcoming Free Content Update Details After rolling a free content update lately, they decided to inform players about their upcoming DLC that requires more time to polish and maintain quality, so that dev team can work in a healthy work environment free of unavoidable crunch. At this point, hurrying to meet deadline would result in a half-baked product and the

Devs Wants Cuphead and Mugman in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Developers of StudioMDHR are hoping to see Cuphead characters to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Video game director Masahiro Sakurai hit a new high score with his iconic crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which became the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time by selling over 12 million copies within a month. Assembling a wide array of fighters into its roster from various different franchises, the game is also bringing more characters for their upcoming DLC releases and most recently, Cuphead developers expressed wishes to see their characters in it as well. Devs Wants Cuphead and Mugman in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RELATED: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Breaks Halo: Reach Sales Records Lately at GDC 2019, game designer and director Jared Moldenhauer expressed his heart's desire to Kirk Scott, manager of publisher and developer relations for Nintendo during a discussion following Nindies Showcase Spring 2019. I've dreamed of

Cuphead Free Content Update to Add Mugman as Playable Character and More

Cuphead developers StudioMDHR is bringing a refined experience in upcoming free content update next month. Cuphead Free Content Update to Add Mugman as Playable Character and More Lately, indie smash hit run and gun title Cuphead from developer/publisher StudioMDHR is on a hype train once again as it has been announced for Nintendo Switch at Nindies Showcase Spring , scheduled to release on April 18, 2019. Fans are waiting to get their hands on upcoming  The Delicious Last Course DLC  that is also set to arrive on 2019 for Mac , PC and Xbox One . As a little thank you to players, StudioMDHR have decided to launch a free content update soon. RELEASE: Devs Wants Cuphead and Mugman in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player-community will be happy to know that a bunch of new artwork, gameplay changes and are included within newest free patch for Cuphead that will be rolled out very soon alongside the game's debut on Switch handheld console. Cuphead and his brother Mugman will be hea