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Katsucon 2017 Overwatch Cosplay

Like every year, Katsucon staged the biggest anime cosplay show of 2017, from 17-19 February. This 3-day-long annual convention was held in D.C. and since, this is where many talented cosplayer joins to showcase their creativity, we have some awesome cosplay picked from the show. We will be a bit particular about our pick here and we better let you know that our picks are specifically from Blizzard Entertainment's first-person multiplayer shooter video game Overwatch.

top 3 sexy overwatch cosplay
Top Overwatch Cosplay

Fans of cosplaying are no stranger to the name of superstar cosplayer/gamer Stella Chuu. She is the one responsible for their enthusiastic cosplaying group named Underwatch, who has presented us with some smoking hot Overwatch themed cosplays. What started as a fun doodling experiment of Overwatch in fancy underpants eventually became a major project. So based on her designs, her friends from cosplay community got to work to make them come alive and we saw what they have been working on at Katsucon 2017.

overwatch d va cosplay
Underwatch D.Va Cosplay by Stella Chuu
overwatch mei cosplay
Underwatch Mei Cosplay by Vickybunnyangel
overwatch pharah cosplay
Underwatch Pharah Cosplay by Meevers Desu
overwatch tracer cosplay costume
Underwatch Tracer Cosplay by Bindi Smalls
overwatch zarya cosplay
Underwatch Zarya Cosplay by Senesas

Stella Chuu herself has posed as mech pilot D.Va (Hana Song) from Tank category of Overwatch heroes. Vickybunnyangel of Underwatch posed as specs-wearing climatologist Mei, looking adorably cute. Meevers Desu and Senesas cosplayed the characters Pharah and Zarya respectively. Even though the latter's original character is actually weightlifting athlete and she looks nothing like that in nature, making the transition ever so intriguing. Then Bindi Smalls have played one of the most fan-favorite of them all; Tracer. In our eyes, Meevers Desu's Pharah and Bindi Smalls' Tracer takes the cake of the show.