Friday, July 13, 2018

Capcom Teasing Resident Evil 3 Remake?

Following a positive response for Resident Evil 2 Remake at E3, Capcom might be teasing for a Resident Evil 3 Remake!

It took three more years to come up with a trailer for Resident Evil 2 Remake project for developer/publisher company Capcom after it was initially announced back in 2015. The response upon dropping the trailer for RE2 during E3 2018 press conference was overwhelming, which almost guarantees for it being successful in advance. Keeping that in mind, is there a chance that they would be interested for a Resident Evil 3 Remake? Well, there is no reason they shouldn't anytime soon.

resident evil 3 remake capcom tease
Capcom Teasing Resident Evil 3 Remake?

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According to a new Tweet from official Twitter account of Resident Evil games on Friday the 13th of this July, fans are theorizing that maybe there is a recent plan of making a remake for the third game from a survival horror classic trilogy.

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Originally Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was meant to be a spin-off game and Capcom wanted to make Resident Evil – Code: Veronica to be the third title in the series. They planned to feature legendary mercenary of Umbrella; HUNK in the lead role and pit him in a cruise ship against hordes of human/plant hybrid bio-weapons. However, the company moved to a new decision of completing a trilogy by making RE3 set in the doomed Raccoon City and Jill Valentine to be the main hero.

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Bringing a fan-favorite character like Jill actually helped players relate to the Raccoon City zombie outbreak more that started from Spencer Mansion. She is on a constant run from a monstrous yet intelligent Tyrant known as Nemesis deployed by Umbrella Corporation, who is after S.T.A.R.S. members and at several point, he chases players from one place to another like a nightmare. Despite RE3 not being that popular as its predecessor; Nemesis becomes one of the most iconic villains of the series.

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Considering how Capcom entirely revamped one of their best titles, fans are hoping Resident Evil 3 would get the same makeover as a remake project. Although the Tweet has re-ignited of the most cherished dreams Resident Evil fans, it doesn't have much to go with the idea. However, it is also possible that they are subtly dropping hints and checking out reactions of players to get on-board with this project. Whatever they eventually ended up doing, we don't mind a Nemesis reboot at all.