Saturday, July 14, 2018

Octopath Traveler Sold Out in Japan

Developer/publisher Square Enix apologizes for stock shortage of their JRPG title Octopath Traveler in Japan.

During National Marine Day holiday in Japan, turn-based RPG title Octopath Traveler was released for Nintendo Switch by developer Square Enix and publisher Nintendo. This fantasy JRPG was heavily anticipated since reveal and is accepted pretty well upon release.

Fans and critics alike are all very positive about it but neither of the developer or co-publisher had thought that it will become so demanding all of a sudden that it would completely sell out in Japan and U.S. in less than a week.

octopath traveler sold out stock japan
Octopath Traveler Sold Out in Japan

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Early reviews of the game were frequently favorable considering beautiful graphics resembling to 16-bit console era and an engaging gameplay. Released this Friday as a Switch-exclusive, it already sold out in many retailers of Japan and Amazon.

Physical copies have also run out in United States, making it extremely difficult for fans to collect one for them. It usually takes 1 to 2 months worth of wait for a boxed copy to deliver to them and players cannot do anything but wait.

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So, developer/publisher Square Enix decided to issue an apology for not being able to supply enough physical copies according to fan-demand via a Tweet.

Translated from Japanese, the Tweet reads out:

We are sorry that some of the shops are out of stock in the three holidays!You can also consider the DL version and the download card for sale at Lawson!

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In UK, the game is currently on third place on their national sales charts with signs of only going further above. Clearly, the Japanese developers didn't oversee such high demand for their throwback title coming on its opening weekend.

This instant success JRPG has eight playable characters to control before embarking on a journey into a world of storybook. Players are hooked to the art styles and textures in 2.5D pixel, which creates a nostalgic feeling.

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Overall atmosphere suggests that developers were hugely inspired by Final Fantasy series before crafting it in modern day visuals. Despite disappointing many fans, this stock crisis signals for an immense success and more sales of Nintendo Switch console.

Square Enix also suggests that if you are too eager to play it and not willing to wait for long, then you should go for digital version right away. Octopath Traveler sold 110,111 units until hit by a stock shortage and secured number one place at the sales chart.