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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

Infinty Ward's modern shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has joined backwards compatible list on Xbox One. With the backwards compatible feature of Xbox One , many older generation games are making it to the modern consoles and Microsoft has done a great job adding more titles to the catalog. One of the most requested titles, first-person shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision has finally has joined the fray and has become playable on Xbox One using the feature. All of the games from Modern Warfare series have made it to the list. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is Backwards Compatible on Xbox One RELATED: Assassin's Creed Series is Backwards Compatible on Xbox One Originally MW2 was launched back in 2009 and came under heavy fire because of a controversial mission titled "No Russian", which features an infamous mass-shooting moment heavily resembles to the tragedies we face these

Life is Strange: Welcome To Blackwell Academy Announced

Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix takes you back to Blackwell Academy by teaming up with Titan Books to create Life is Strange student handbook. The five-part episodic graphic adventure of the Life is Strange title from developer Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Square Enix has explored the life of Chloe and Max but as the sequel, Life is Strange 2 has been announced a while back, we learn that the studio has moved on from the story of the original protagonists. However, Titan Books have announced a student handbook titled, Life is Strange: Welcome To Blackwell Academy recently for releasing on October 9, 2018. Life is Strange: Welcome To Blackwell Academy RELATED: Life is Strange 2 Official Reveal You can go back to the fictional town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon once again to revisit Blackwell Academy with the titular student guide written by author Matt Forbeck. This 160 page book is priced at $39.95, which offers an in-depth look into the heart of Arcadia and Bla

Battlefield V Delay Hurts EA Stock Price

Electronic Arts' stock price sees sinks after developer DICE delays the release of upcoming Battlefield V. When general manager Oskar Gabrielson of developer EA DICE announced earlier that their upcoming first-person shooter game Battlefield V has been delayed back to November 20 from previously scheduled October 19 for making some adjustment they thought necessary following the Closed Beta program, reactions has been mixed among the gaming community. However, this one month delay has apparently caused a sudden drop at the stock price of publisher Electronic Arts . Battlefield V Delay Hurts EA Stock Price RELATED: Battlefield V Delayed to November In most cases, when a game is delayed for a month or two, it actually means good in terms of the studio having more time to polish the game before launch. Gabrielson stated that DICE will take this extra time to make some final adjustments to B5 gameplay and their newly introduced Tides of War live service. While this

Destiny 2: Forsaken PS4-Exclusive Content Revealed

PS4-exclusive content for Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion includes armor sets, exotic weapon, new ship and a Strike. Because of an early exclusive contract with Sony Interactive Entertainment , the third expansion Forsaken of online multiplayer first-person shooter game Destiny 2 will bring some very special content for owners of PlayStation 4 console, which publisher Activision confirmed back in June 2018, during the announcement of the DLC . Recently, a list of details over those contents is revealed and there are some slick looking weapons to pick that come along as well as a new strike. Destiny 2: Forsaken PS4-Exclusive Content Revealed RELATED: Destiny 2: Forsaken Reveal The brand-new exclusive exotic trace rifle, Wavesplitter is a gun that turns sonic waves to superheat electrons into a powerful blast of energy beam. While holding down the trigger, that vary on three different power levels and indicators such as laser thickness, a meter or sound effects are the way t

Battlefield V Delayed to November

Developer EA DICE has announced a new release date of November 20 for their upcoming game Battlefield V. Originally scheduled to release on October 19, 2018 for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , first-person shooter game Battlefield V has now been delayed and pushed back to November 20 by developer EA DICE and publisher Electronic Arts . After they showed off the game at E3 2018 press conference in June and then recently at Gamescom 2018 , a Closed Alpha session was arranged this summer for the latest Battlefield title and the decision to make delay is an apparent result of that. Battlefield V Delayed to November RELATED: Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Confirmed According to their statement, the developers actually need the extra time to polish the game even more and make some adjustments to ore gameplay experience. In past, they were more focused on the major battles but this time, they are working more on new aspects of BFV that are not popular or renowned amo

Fallout 76 Xbox One X Bundle Announced

A special edition Fallout 76 Xbox One X Bundle is up for pre-order now with access to B.E.T.A. to the game. Those of us who are eagerly waiting for online multiplayer action role-playing game Fallout 76 from Bethesda Softworks to release on November 14 for consoles may or may not know that the game has a huge map that even surpasses the likes of Fallout 4 . Also, the game is a prequel to the series, which aims to be the best among them all and such title definitely deserves to be on world’s most powerful console, Xbox One X . If you agree, then your prayers have already been answered. Fallout 76 Xbox One X Bundle RELATED: Xbox Live Gold Free Games for September 2018 We encourage you to explore the vast open world of Fallout universe with the recently announced Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 Bundle . This package comes along with the access to full-game download upon launch, a special edition console and controller that matches. Every other survivor you

PlayStation Plus Free Games for September 2018

PlayStation Plus free games lineup has picked up Destiny 2 and God of War 3 Remastered for the month of September 2018. We are more than halfway through 2018 and have been enjoying some fine games this year from PlayStation Plus . In August, we had action-adventure video game Mafia III from developer studio Hangar 13 and action survival horror Dead by Daylight from Behaviour Interactive . Other titles on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita were just as good. As the moth has come to an end, we are back again with more exciting news of new free games lineup for upcoming month of September. PlayStation Plus Free Games for September 2018 Before we get into what is ahead of us in PS Plus lineup for September 2018, let's take a quick look at the short clip below showcasing the titles. The very first game in our list is a surprising arrival of course and it is the online multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny 2 from Bungie and Activision . In story campaign, yo

Xbox Live Gold Free Games for September 2018

September 2018 brings free games like Lego Star Wars III and Monster World to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers. We are almost near the end of August and a new lineup of free games for Xbox Live Gold is waving at the subscribers to welcome them on the month of September. Gold members can enjoy all of these new titles for a limited time while it lasts. Just like last month, two of these games are for Xbox One and the remaining two from Xbox 360 platform but can still be played on Microsoft 's modern console using backward compatibility. Meanwhile, you can still grab July’s free Games With Gold. Xbox Live Gold Free Games for September 2018 RELATED: Halo: The Master Chief Collection Coming to Xbox Game Pass Before going in for more details, we want you to take a look at Games with Gold lineup on September 2018 for Xbox One . RELATED: PUBG Leaving Xbox Game Preview Next Month Prison Architect First off, we have a prison simulation game, Prison Architect where y

The Walking Dead: Season One on Nintendo Switch Out Now

The complete first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead is currently available on Nintendo Switch. The multiple "Game of the Year" award-winning title from top developer and publisher Telltale Games , Telltale's The Walking Dead has come a long way but sadly to an end. However, many have missed the opportunity of experiencing this adventure ride from the beginning despite the game being released on a wide range of different gaming platforms. Nintendo Switch owners are among that group and now they can enjoy The Walking Dead : The Complete First Season on their handheld console. The Walking Dead: Season One on Nintendo Switch Out Now RELATED: Telltale’s Walking Dead Collection Announced As The Walking Dead: The Final Season has already released its first episode on Switch a short while ago; Telltale wanted them to start from where the saga truly begins. Including all five chapters from the acclaimed episodic adventure game, this anthology is already out a

Marvel’s Spider-Man Post Launch DLC Revealed

Marvel’s Spider-Man will keep you busy until the end of 2018 with three new chapters of post launch DLC content. At this point we are really waiting for upcoming action-adventure title Marvel’s Spider-Man to release next week on September 7, while developer Insomniac Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed something way ahead of their time. Aside from a fresh take at our friendly neighborhood webhead, the game offers a spectacular gameplay and ahead of release, they reveal details on post launch DLC titled Marvel’s Spider-Man : The City That Never Sleeps. Marvel’s Spider-Man Post Launch DLC Revealed RELATED: Marvel’s Spider-Man Gameplay Launch Trailer This new DLC from Marvel’s Spider-Man game is parted into three different chapters and the first one being The Heist, which comes out in October 23. Within the main game, Peter Parker will find scattered clues left behind that leads to a certain cat burglar he knows, Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat .

Onimusha: Warlords Re-Release Announced

Returning from slumber after almost two decades later, Onimusha: Warlords is going to see a re-release from Capcom in 2019. Original PlayStation 2 title Onimusha: Warlords from developer/publisher Capcom has been a successful action-adventure game in the early 2000's when it came out. This samurai adventure franchise had some intense sword fights that players loved and went on to generate sequels later. Back in the PS2 -era, it sold over two million copies and considering an immense possibility on modern consoles, it has been announced to re-release on Nintendo Switch , PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . Onimusha: Warlords Re-Release Announced RELATED: Resident Evil 2 Remake Claire Redfield Gameplay Demo Setting to arrive on January 15, 2019, Capcom has released an announcement trailer to relive the experience the game brought to players. RELATED: Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay & Release Date The story of the title revolves around samurai Samanosuke Akechi of

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal

Developer CD Projekt Red offered a public reveal of an extensive gameplay of upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 recently. After their successful stint with The Witcher series, Polish developer/publisher company CD Projekt Red has focused their efforts on a new upcoming role-playing game, Cyberpunk 2077 for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . We are already way past a teaser trailer followed by another E3 2018 trailer back in June to receive some details of the game. What we really lacked until this point was a look at the in-game footage of how it plays out and we finally have a gameplay reveal here. Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal RELATED: Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Full Nudity Below is a 48 minutes-long gameplay walkthrough from Cyberpunk 2077 that takes us for ride to the dystopian future we were eager to get into. RELATED:  The Witcher Is Coming to Netflix The developers chose to play the game's key character V as a female for the demonstration as she goes into a mis

Streets of Rage 4 Announced

After remaining in hiatus for 25 years, Streets of Rage 4 from arcade brawler series has been finally announced. Back in 90's era, claccic side-scrolling beat 'em up game series Streets of Rage went on to become a very successful trilogy of cult favorites from renowned developer/publisher Sega that was later followed by two more follow-up sequels. Teaming up with original series creator, DotEmu , Guard Crush Games and Lizardcube later attempted to develop a fourth game;  Streets of Rage 4 , which is recently revealed with a new trailer featuring fan-favorite Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding. Streets of Rage 4 Announced RELATED: Aliens: Colonial Marines' Lame AI Caused by Typo Here goes the brand-new reveal trailer for upcoming Streets of Rage 4 in its blazing beauty after nearly 25 years of absence. RELATED: Shenmue and Shenmue 2 Re-Release Date Martial artist Axel returns to eradicate crime with his long-time ally and ex-cop Blaze for an all-new

World of Warcraft: Warbringers: Azshara

Blizzard debuts the final animated short from World of Warcraft: Warbringers series with Queen Azshara. We know now that the seventh expansion pack for massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft , Battle for Azeroth has already become the fastest-selling expansion pack of the game that is ever released and developer/publisher Blizzard Entertainment has been doing everything they can to make sure we catch up to the current status quo. Following two animated short from Warbringers series featuring Jaina Proudmoore and Sylvanas Windrunner, Azshara of Nazjatar takes the spotlight. World of Warcraft: Warbringers: Azshara RELATED: World of Warcraft: Warbringers: Jaina Witness the third release from Blizzard 's World of Warcraft : Warbringers series animated video on Night Elf, Queen Azshara. RELATED: World of Warcraft: Warbringers: Sylvanas Before succumbing to the cataclysmic event of the Great Sundering, Queen Azshara was a mage and popular monarch among

Capcom May Remake Resident Evil Remaster

While the world waits for the release of Resident Evil 2 Remake, Capcom is considering more remake projects. Before they made a showcase of Resident Evil 2 Remake at E3 2018 press conference to an overwhelmingly positive response, even developer/publisher Capcom may not have thought that it could work out so good for them and now they are interested to keep rolling. We heard jokes about their plan of making a remake of the 2015's remaster version of the original zombie shooter game Resident Evil of 1996 but apparently, developers at Capcom were not kidding about it at all. Capcom May Remake Resident Evil Remaster RELATED: Capcom Open to More Resident Evil Remake Despite the temporary debacle regarding an overpriced typewriter included in the $900 worth Premium Edition of the game, fans have been nothing else but extremely supportive towards the upcoming release and that tells the company how much crazy people are over the world about the RE franchise. Capcom

For Honor Free on Steam Now

Combat-focused action game For Honor: Starter Edition is free to download on Steam until August 27. Last month, medieval fighting game For Honor from developer/publisher Ubisoft entered its seventh season of content update, Storm and Fury while also being added to Xbox Live Gold lineup of free games for the month of August. This month, players on PC will be able to try out this third-person multiplayer title for free, because they can now grab and own a copy of the Starter Edition on Valve 's digital distribution platform, Steam before August 27, 2018. For Honor Free on Steam Now RELATED: For Honor Season VII: Storm and Fury Release Date Within first 24 hour of this announcement, a spike of interest raised among gamers and where Ubisoft had trouble having a steady number of concurrent players engaged to the game, they are currently facing an overwhelming surge of them. According to a report from Steam Charts , number that has reached to peak was a whooping