Resident Evil, Zero & 4 Coming to Nintendo Switch

Capcom has officially announced to bring some classic Resident Evil games to Nintendo Switch next year.

Although we are still not sure if upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil 2 Remake will head to next gen handheld console Nintendo Switch anytime soon after release or not at all, we do know now that some of the fan-favorite titles sure would.

Developer/publisher Capcom have plans to bring in some classic titles from the RE franchise on the hybrid console so they don't really feel left out from all the fun while everyone else would be busy playing the RE2Make on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

resident evil classic games nintendo switch
Resident Evil, Zero & 4 Coming to Nintendo Switch

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Which versions of the game will they be releasing and when are still not officially confirmed by them yet, except for the announcement that these titles are coming in 2019 and more will be revealed on that very soon, according to their recent Tweet.

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Our best guess is that, Capcom will go after porting the HD remaster versions of these games for Switch. The developers even made available a cloud version of their most recent title, Resident Evil 7 for the console for a certain amount of fee.

The original Resident Evil game came out in 1996 for PlayStation, Resident Evil 0 debuted later in 2002 for the GameCube console and Resident Evil 4 followed as another exclusive to the same platform in 2004, eventually coming to other platforms as well.
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